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.Monday, March 10, 2008 ' 1:41 AM Y
Been hooked onto Kelly Poon's 在世界中心 album recently. Most of the tunes are quite catchy and easy to sing along too. I know its abit "outdated" since the album was released last Semptember, but STILL, its not that old yet right?

Anyway, I did not get to vist the MINT musuem. Angry!!! Yesterday was spent at Van's house playing mahjong. Been quite some time since I touched real mahjong tiles. Haha.

And there was the part when we were about to stop and go home- Van's male tenant just happened to come home and we all thought it was her mother, so Ben, being the ever *polite* boy he is, turned around and called out, "Auntie!" just as the tenant walked past Van's room.

For some reason we just started laughing and laughing till our backs hurt and there were tears in our eyes. Don't even ask my what was so funny, because now I don't know. Lol.

Today was spent accompanying Dear to M1 to get his new phone. He initially wanted the Sony Ericsson W960i but it was way too expensive, so he settled for the LG Viewty. Its like, half the price of the former lah. So now he's using the same phone as my sister, just that his is silver. Haha.

Next week is my turn to get my new phone. I wanted the W960i too, because I think its pretty cool. BUT my mom refuses to fork out a single cent, so where the hell am I going to dig out 600 freaking bucks? So now I'm in a dilemma. Which phone to get?

I'm considering the Viewty too, but I'll up using the same phone as both my sister and Dear. Couple phone arh? Lol. Then there's the new Samsung G800, but its so fucking thick. I thought thick phones had long ago been outdated! Urgh. And last but not least, the SGH-i450. Its pretty cool but I'm not too sure...

Feedback appreciated, although I'm not hopreful. xD

Pictures of the 4 phones in case you don't know which one I'm referring to:

LG Viewty


Basic features: 5.0 MP camera, Fully touch-screen, 112grams, 3.5G, 100MB internal memory with external memory up to 2GB. With M1 plan, its $398 with a free 1GB memory card.

Samsung G800


Basic features: 5.0 MP camera, 3.5G, 150 MB internal memory with external memory (maximum size not specified), 129 grams and VERY THICK (to me). $388 with M1 plan.

Samsung i450


Basic features: 2.0 MP camera, 25MB internal memory with external memory, 3G, 104.5 grams, with external music speakers. $298 with M1 Plan.

Please feedback. Thanks. =)



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