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.Thursday, April 03, 2008 ' 11:29 AM Y
Trying to learn how to play Bridge on Viwawa, but I can't believe there are so many selfish people who are unwilling to teach or even give you a chance to learn on your own. So feel like giving up. Urgh!

Thanks to SK who invited Dear and I to his birthday chalet last Saturday, and sorry that we had to leave early. Happy belated birthday anyway. =)

Other than that, my entire weekend has been absolutely boring! Dear and I were conned of 20 bucks on Sunday because we went to GV to catch Shutter. We have 5 of that $2 GV voucher and we initially wanted to use them, but according to the ticketing guy, we couldn't use it because Shutter is a new show. CANNOT USE THEN STILL GIVE FOR WHAT? Then what? Does GV expect people to wait for 2 weeks before they can finally catch the show they've been waiting for since the "Coming Soon" period?

I am totally swearing off GV even on Tuesdays when ticket prices are supposed to be cheaper. Because I STILL GOT CHEATED. Well Cathay people, you have earned yourself 2 loyal fans. I hope GV closes down one day; if those are the kind of prices I have to enjoy movies, I'd much rather rent DVDs at 3 times lesser. Even if it means I have to wait longer to watch the show. Urgh!

Anyway, as I was saying, Dear and I watched Shutter last Sunday. Its the same title as the Thai movie Shutter, but the movie is slightly different, even though I have yet to watch the latter. This movie is basically talking about spirit photography, how sometimes when you take pictures, funny images or stuff like that turn up in the photos.

According to some article I've read, almost every Japanese has, at some point or other, has heard of or come across spirit photography. Which probably explains why that restaurant waitress was so shocked when she saw what she saw in the female lead's camera.

The story starts with the wedding of this couple Benjamin and Jane, the guy who is a professional photographer.

They jet off to Japan for a their honeymoon but on the first night, Jane hits this woman on the road. She gets really shaken up, but after regaining consciousness, she realises that there was no body in the place where the woman was supposed to be hit.

It is after this incident that weird images start to turn up in the photos that Ben and Jane take. When they consult a suppossedly famous medium, the guy tells them that "I can't help you". Haha. Jane wants to probe further but Ben thinks he's a quack and storms off.

The whole entire plot is VERY similar to original Thai version, especially the climax of the movie, so I'm not going to review further. Partly also because I don't know what to say that will not spoil the movie for those who haven't watched either version.

Dear and I also watched the Spiderwick Chronicles on Tuesday. I know. That movie is like, ancient, compared to the ones that have just been released, but that was how long it took to convince Dear to watch it with me. I'm not going to review it since mot people have probably watched it already, but trust me when I say that its nice.

I just had a dream this morning, that I had returned back to my primary school, in my Dunman uniform. HAHA. I was mingling with all the other students and somehow NO ONE noticed that Iwasn't wearing the right uniform. I had gotten to the part where the Principal was supposed to chat with me, but then I woke up. Pfttt. Haha. Weird dream, but not exactly unpleasant.

And now, off to Cabal. Sorry peeps, that I keep on squeezing a few days' worth of entries into 1, but I keep getting distracted and end up saving my entries for later. And then it accumulates.

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