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.Sunday, May 18, 2008 ' 2:10 AM Y
I thought not updating my blog would cause it to rot even more, but apparently some people like advertising their websites on deserted blogs. So in the most subtle way I can manage, I would like to tell these people to please fuck off. Want to advertise? Show me the money.

Don't ask me why I seem to update my blog lesser and lesser nowadays. There just isn't enough reason for me to. I hit the movies so freaking often that its a huge and tiring task for lazy ol' me to review every single one, but to be brief, the recent releases are all not too bad. What Happens in Vegas provides nice and light romance comedy whereas Accuracy of Death makes you laugh but also think about life in itself. The song is nice too, haha. Speed Racer is uber cool. I love all the racing scenes! But I think they really minimised Rain's lines so much that he might as well not have a speaking part. And the movie producers didn't maximise his looks.

Nims Island is pretty old already but I didn't really like the ending much. Like, so Alex Rover finally lands on the island after so long and then the movie ends just then because the father is back. Excuse me? Then didn't Alex(andra) make a wasted trip, even if they did fall in love...

Oh by the way, Golden Village is having this Indiana Jones BBQ Night thingy at $32 per pax at GV Grand where you get served BBQ dinner prior to the screening of the movie. Details here. I'm slightly tempted to go for it. But its way out of budget luh. Brrrrrrrr =.="

Okay. Enough ranting about the movies. I'll be heading down to Centrepoint on Wednesday to register for ACCA and I need to make time to go to Bukit Merah as well. I'm thinking of taking the LCCI examination but gotta find out more. Stupid that the only place in Singapore to find out more about the entire LCCI thingy is located at Bukit Merah. So freaking far lah~!!

After 3 months of break from studying, I'm so bloody afraid my brain's going to turn rusty. Lucky I still do tuition so I get some minor form of revision every now and then, but still~! Nevermind. Crazy rantings on my part. I kinda miss lectures and tutorials (I must be crazy!), because they gave me something to do. And I also miss the kaki fuyong from Canteen 1. Make it a point to go back to NP one day for lunch or something. Haha.

Oh by the way, I got myself a new pair of specs! Haha. Simple design, exactly the same as Dear's just that his is silver and mine is black. I'm finally putting more effort into slapping awake my lazy right eye and finally I found a pair of spectacles that DO NOT make me look bookish. FINALLY. I still feel uncomfortable wearing them though. My whole face feels tense, as though suddenly there's this extra weight bearing down on my face. Super duper uber uncomfortable. I swear I'm going to save up $1500 and lasik that stupid eye. I HATE WEARING GLASSES! But I liked hearing Dear and his mom tell me how nice I look with the glasses on. =P Hey, who doesn't like compliments? D says I look more mature with specs on. Hyuk hyuk. Maybe can geng R21 shows. LOL. Anyone else interested in my new "look"? Haha.

Alright lag, back to watching some old Taiwan drama. Title's too long to type out, but I'm still anxiously awaiting the VCD/DVD for Fated to Love You~!!! Oh, and the novel as well. Anyone who sees it on sale at any bookstore please tag me okay? Its a Chinese novel titled 命中注定我爱你. Thanks in advance. =)



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