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.Monday, June 09, 2008 ' 12:32 AM Y
2 weeks since I last blogged. Amazing, considering my past frequency of blogging.

FINALLY my life has started to turn slightly more interesting than it was, and largely thanks to... EURO 2008!!!

I know I know... I'm not a soccer person. I'm not a sports addict. But I really love watching international games like World Cup and Olympics because it feels different to see people putting in their best to win for the honour of their country.

On the other hand, soccer leagues are so commercialised its like watching the players play for money more than anything else. Dear told me that some play for the history of their clubs and all that, but seriously, I just don't see it.

Anyway, I watched my first LIVE soccer match at the National Stadium on last Monday. YES. That shocking, embarrassing and shameful match between Singapore and Uzbekistan. We got thrashed 3-7. There was this guy who wrote in to the Straits' Times and criticised Home fans for booing our own players and team, and that we should give them our full support instead.

What I'd like to say is that the players were the ones who disappointed the fans in the first place. They made so many unpardonable mistakes; how do you expect us to keep cheering them on? These are professional soccer players, and even if they're not world-class standards, at least mistakes such as letting the ball slip into the net should not have happened. Come on man, if even people like me-it was the very first time I ever watched an entire soccer match- can know that those few goals let in were stupid accidents, how do you expect other hardcore soccer addicts not to groan and moan? We got thrashed you know?

And after yesterday's loss, Singapore will definitely not qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2010. But at least we didn't lose so badly (1-0).

Moving on though, I watched the first 2 matches that kickstarted the EURO 2008 yesterday with Dear at the McDonald's at NorthPoint. Surprisingly, there were fewer people than we expected, especially for the 1st match. We won 1 bet and lost the other. Haha. But it definitely makes watching the matches more interesting and exciting.

No more about soccer~ Celebrated my mom's birthday (belated) at Greenhouse at the Ritz Carlton today. Its a restaurant that serves international seafood buffet. The food is heavenly and the service good enough. Beats the buffet spread at the Cafe Swiss at Swissotel @ $52 per pax.

Dear introduced this personal website http://www.gaijinsmash.net/ to me a few days ago. Its kind of like a personal blog by this American guy who teaches English in Japan, and posts his interesting experiences and interactions with his students and colleagues at the schools that he teaches in. Freaking hilarious, some of them. And it shows a side of Japanese that few people know about. Highly recommended. Hehe.

And last but not least, I decided to enrol for the September intake of ACCA instead of the July one. Simply because I prefer to start with 2 papers instead of 3. And N-O, I'm not giving any explanations why. And please, no offense to anyone, but PLEASE stop trying to dissaude me. Regardless of what you think, of what the traditional society think, this is MY choice and I will never allow myself to regret this path I've chosen, even if it leads me into the 18th level of Hell in future. I sound really bitchy, but I've honestly had enough of so many people telling me that its a bad idea.

I'm going back to my reading. Will try to update more often, although I don't feel much motivated to do so.



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