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.Monday, July 28, 2008 ' 12:40 AM Y
Seems like I've finally been bitten by the blogging bug again. Haha. Just finished reading Xiaxue's post about plagiarism. People following the whole episode between her and Dawn will very obviously know who Xiaxue is referring to. If not, try visiting http://www.dawnwayang.com/. ^^

Anyway on the bus today, I again saw the inconsiderate side of Singaporeans. The whole 291 bus was so freaking crowded and there was still a long line of peopl who couldn't get on. Yet this auntie and her family stuck themselves near the door. I was right at the back with another guy and there was this HUGE space in between that could have stood at least 5 or 6 more people. Doesnt seem like alot, but spare a thought for the people in front lah. Besides, if you don't want to move in, at least leave some space so that other people can move in, don't chock up the entire bus. Get your own minivan, auntie.

As all these thoughts were running through my mind on the bus, I was also going "Am I complaining too much?"

And this is how I came to the conclusion that its not that Singaporeans love to complain. Its because we always do things that make others complain.

Let's talk about the most common issue of "chop-ing" seats in foodcourts, coffee shops and such places. I think no one can possibly complain much if there's a person sitting at the table and telling people that "Yes, this seat is taken. My friends are over there ordering". But instead, people use things like tissue paper packets, umbrella, sauce-sets and all sorts of insignificant items to "mark their territory". Like I'm supposed to look at the thing and know "Oh! This seat is taken!"

Stupid or what? People. Next time you see people using things like tissue packets to reserve seats, please just sit down and throw the tissue packet away. Serve them right. Oh yeah. Sauce-sets are refer to those little saucers that people use for their chilli sauce and stuff. I didn't know exactly what to call them so I used the Fish & Co term for them. Haha. Clever people should know what I'm referring to lah. =P

How did this trend even start in the first place huh? Maybe our ancestors put their handkerchiefs on hawker centre tables to show that the table was taken up by them? And then now people don't use handkerchiefs anymore so it evolved into tissue paper packets? Imagine what would happen if the same people went overseas and did the same thing: Shame the image of Singaporeans. Tsk tsk.

There are many many issues that people have complained and campaigned about but all these actions seem to be useless. Which other country do you know has a campaign for people to "Flag The Bus Early"? Its excusable for senior citizens or other special needs people to perhaps not be able to clearly see the number or the bus or something like that, but how many times have you seen perfectly able-bodied young people jumping up and rushing to the bus after everyone else has boarded and the doors have closed? These people deserve to miss the bus. *I am not talking about people who rush for the bus from a distance away*.

Guaranteed, I'm not a perfect person, but I think there are alot of disgusting habits that Singaporeans can rid themselves of.

Just last week, I saw this uncle hogging up the seat next to him with a bar of Toblerone chocolate. The whole bus was pretty full with almost all of the seats taken and this Chinese guy was looking for a place to sit near the standing area so that he could keep and eye on the luggage he'd put there (the standing area was empty since everyone already had a seat). The uncle saw him looking around and purposely shifted the Toblerone bar to the center of the seat next to him, as though saying "My chocolate needs this seat more than you". Asshole.

And because I have suddenly gone into a super duper bad mood, I shall abruptly end here. Goodnight.



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