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.Monday, July 14, 2008 ' 1:24 AM Y
I managed to catch both Hellboy 2 and Red Cliff on their opening dates.

What I want to rant about is Hellboy 2. And no, comments aren't exactly positive.

The full title of the movie is Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Somehow, one would expect the golden army to be the main focus of the movie, but sadly, it is not. The whole movie dragged on and on until the last 30 minutes or so that the golden army finally appears. And action is limited to them fighting Hellboy and gang, with the Prince and Princess looking on.


I was looking forward to the golden army shitheads storming down the streets and whacking the living daylights out of people, destroying infrastructure... You know, the dramatic wreckage scenes.

What I get is the "I-fight-you-and-you-fight-me-back banter." Absolutely, positively, fuckamazing boring.

I'm not saying the entire movie sucks. In fact, I'd probably rate it 3.5 stars or so, but the plot aint that great actually.

I much prefer Red Cliff. And now, I'm going to be so 'ants-in-my-pants' anxious waiting for the second part. Damn John Woo.

In the meantime, let's all look forward to Money No Enough 2. Another great laugh.


I know QR will be coming back soon, but no I won't be going to the airport to receive her flight. Even if it isn't at some ridiculous timing. Because I know my presence doesn't really mean anything to her, so it'd just be a stupid thing to do.

Yes, people... I am finally coming all out to acknowledge that YES I know she has something against me- or at least, she did before she went to China- and while I may not know what exactly it is about, I am proud enough not to impose myself on others.


Dear and I were talking about the possibility of having a life out of Singapore and we got really interested in Richmond, Canada. Its a relatively small town in Vancouver with lots of Asians and Chinese living there. Sounds pretty ideal except for the little fact that its prone to flooding. Bullocks. Haha.

So anyway, we were doing some research on the place, including costs of houses there and guess what? The houses are all fuckeramazing awesome! At least hundreds of square feet, which is many many times of a normal HDB flat in Singapore. And considering how flats in Singapore are shrinking in size yet inflating in price... That's saying quite a lot.

The best part is, you can find one at around 300k. Canadian dollars. Translates to around 400k+ in Singapore dollars. Sounds a lot. But its worth the money, seriously. A condonium unit here costs just about that much, but is so freaking small.

Life in Singapore is getting so stressful. I really need to get away. But that's years down the road. Right now, I can only dream. Haha. A new goal to work towards? Perhaps... ^.^



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