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.Thursday, July 24, 2008 ' 11:10 PM Y
And there goes my tagboard. Haha.

My house has been going under repainting works these past few days and the smell is horrible! My room was one of the first to be painted and I had to spend yesterday night sleeping with the fumes choking me as though it were smoke. No exaggeration.

Now I'm sick again. Just less than a month ago I almost lost my voice and now the same part of my throat is feeling raw and sore again. Dammit. What an unworthy way to get sick. Haha.


Dear and I have been going to the libraries way too often. So much that is almost on a daily basis. Yesterday we were at National Library, today at Sengkang, and tomorrow we're going to Woodlands to continue scouring the shelves for psychology, history and doggy books. Haha.

Dear was saying that he wants to get another dog as a companion for poor, lonely Sheltie but apparently HDB only allows 1 dog per flat. So stingy... But that also means that my neighbour has broken the law! They have two greyish doggies (don't know their breed) who they're always carrying around like babies or something. I love dogs, but not those that once shat outside my house. Overnight somemore. Fucking smelly okay.

So anyway, it means that Sheltie will have to continue to be lonely during the day because the whole family won't be at home. I'll be working as well, so I can't go and accompany him either.

Oh yea, after searching many travel books on Canada, we discovered that they don't mentioned Richmond very much. Probably because its so freaking near to Vancouver. Now Dear says maybe he will want to stay in Vancouver instead, since its bigger and more accessible and everything. SORRY. Your Stubborn Highness still prefers Richmond. Unless I change my mind while we vacation there to check out the place. Nyeh Nyeh. But then again, that's still at least one or two years to go.

In the meantime, we'll be saving up for the air tickets and everything. We estimated a 1-month stay to cost approximately 5k or more. Super expensive! Haha. Actually... quite worth it lah. Haha.

Oh, and last but not least, I've met the most idiotic cock-talker in the whole universe. You know who you are. LOL.



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