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.Friday, July 04, 2008 ' 1:36 AM Y
Everyone's read the Xiaxue-bitching-about-Dawn-Yang debacle. If you have not, you can head to their blogs. Just google Xiaxue and Dawn Yang. And yes, that very important post that has been taken down can still be found. Makes my so-very-boring life a speck more interesting. Now, THIS is what I call juicy news. Heh heh.

Which leads me to a question: Is it just a trend, or is it au naturale for girls to pose the same way?

I know this is a topic that many people have complained/bitched about, but it never used to bother me. Except, all of a sudden, now.

I am not trying to insinuate anything. Its just pure curiosity.

Because 90% of the girls who post their photos on their blog pose the exact same way. Head tilted slightly to the left/right and bent a little down, lips pursed slightly, eyes open wide (like they just saw a ghost or something), hair framing the face. Incidentally, all from Singapore.

Having too much time and too little to do, I googled and yahoo-ed around and got linked to many blogs with such pictures. Heck. Even some guys pose that way (which is absolutely fucking G-A-Y.)

Is there a certain reason why many girls like to pose this way? Makes them look cuter and prettier? It makes their faces look at the same. And I should also mention that ALL of those girls who pose that way have the same kind of haircut. Straight, long, brown rebonded hair, with the fringe around chin-length. Shit. I have that same haircut too. Just not as flat, 'cause I haven't rebonded my hair in 3 years.

And to think just 3 hours ago, while on the bus home, I was thinking of rebonding my hair too. I think I'll stick with the treatments. Ahh... the influences of society. Too bad Sadako had her hair growing the wrong way, or she would have become a fashion icon too.

Who knows. Maybe 10 or 20 years down the road, it'll be fashion to pose with your head tilted until it looks broken, hair swept to the front so that only your eyes, nose and mouth remain visible, and smile with like bugs bunny. Imagine.

Disclaimer: The above entry is NOT targeted at any specific person, nor meant to offend or defame any selected person. I will not be held responsible for any injured feelings, punctured egos etc.



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