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.Tuesday, August 05, 2008 ' 2:24 AM Y
First day of work was...... Just another typical day. Haha. I started out being the cashier, which basically comprises of lots of duties, including topping up and cards and all that dumb shit. But here's something really really astonishing:

I started work at 10am, and started cashiering at about 11am. By break time, which was about 1pm, my cash inventory was short of 50 cents. The supervisor took over for that half hour and when I came back, the cash inventory was suddenly short of $2. WTMF????

How can a supervisor with so much experience manage to "lose" 3 times the amount I undercharged in just half an hour? That is so damn crappy.

But dig this. By the end of my shift, the cash inventory had an excess of $45. Am I God or what? I can magic money out of nowhere! Still in a state of disbelief. Like anytime Joanne (the supervisor) is going to call and scream at me for some mistake or whatever. Whatever. Haha.

I get tomorrow off, but I have to work on freaking National Day~! Dear and I were thinking about going to watch the fireworks... Oh well. Shucks.

The colleagues there aren't bad. They're not actually mean or something, just not very friendly to newcomers and don't really know how to communicate and such. Like for example, when they ask to do something, it comes out like an order or command. Really gets on my nerves. Oh, and did I mention that their English absolutely sucks?

You see, they have this "communication book" where all the staff can just write suggestions or feedback from customers or things that they want to bring to the attention of other staff or Joanne (like scheduling issues), and I read through quite a few of them when it was less busy. I didn't know whether to be horrified or to laugh at the grammatical and vocabulary errors I found everywhere.

Dear and I are already looking around for other jobs already. Haha. Its that bad. Especially to him. For me, I'm still adopting a wait-and-see attitude. Anyway I'm sleep already lah, so bedtime~ May not update again this week; depends on how tired I am or am not. Haha.

I'm having this bad feeling that I won't be able to register on time for my CAT. For ONCE in my entire life I'm totally motivated to study; I want to study, I'm dying to study. And yet I'm being delayed by my own sister. I am so gonna murder her if I end up having to start next January instead. Screw the funding. I just want to get down to studying~! But oh well, who ever thinks of the insignificant one? She's already got a degree so why has she got to care? I'm so frustrated I need to scream it all out~! Bloody damnation.

*LOL. I went to view my own blog and got SCARED by the sudden playing of the song. Something is hell wrong with me today. Haha.*



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