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.Friday, August 15, 2008 ' 11:27 PM Y
Ola~! Have you all heard? Singapore has been guaranteed at least a silver medal in the Olympics~! Haha.

Apparently our 1st medal was in 1960. Which was years before we actually became independent. So technically speaking, the medal wasn't truly ours, right? Whatever. This medal is going to mean so much more to the country. And of course, the table tennis trio are gonna be rich. As in literally.

Anyway, work is getting on great. Even though the regular customers are fucking irritating (more about them later), I'm getting on fine with my colleagues. Well, except one or two of them.

For the first time in almost a decade, I'm getting along with the people around me without too much friction. All through upper primary and secondary, there have always been these certain groups of people who made me feel ostracized and picked on me, basically making my life miserable. And I couldn't ignore them, because they were my classmates.

Well, even though the people at Zone X are my colleagues and not classmates, the relationship (to me) is still pretty much the same. And therefore I'm glad that I'm not having any problems with them - so far. That, however, CANNOT be said for the regular customers (henceforth short-termed to "regulars".)

The regulars are this group of people who visit the arcade everyday. I'm so NOT exaggerating. I've seen the same faces every single day since I started working almost 2 weeks ago, and each time they come, they spend at least fifty bucks each. Some of them even spend up to a hundred dollars. On a daily basis okay.

There are 2 things that piss me off more than anything else.

The first is that whenever they come, they love to spend their money catching those adorable plushies and soft toys and keychains and whatnots from the machines (what we call UFO Catchers).

Its perfectly fine with me if you want to spend your entire fortune on those machines but stop asking us staff to keep shifting the toys all the time so that you can spend the minimal amount of money to catch the bloody thing~!

For goodness sake! We are not paid to constantly adhere to your demands to straighten the plushies because YOU knocked it out of position. And quit bugging us to shift it to the way you want it because we are obviously not allowed to do so. Fucking assholes (some of them). Just a few days ago, this guy obviously got so pissed off because we refused to shift the toys that he was like "You want me to feedback and say that the staff is courteous? Dream on~! This is lousy service!"

And you know what's ironic? He wasn't even the one trying to catch the toy. He was just trying to "act hero" and speak up for another regular that he happened to know. Nabeh. Can't people just learn to mind their own business?

And as for the second thing, I don't know about you, but if it was me and I learnt about such a thing, I'd certainly get super pissed off. There's this auntie who's also a regular "fifty-buck-spender" at the arcade. Well, a few nights ago when it wasn't that busy we started chatting about studies and the topic got to government funding. And you know what she told me?

Her son who is studying in poly is under government funding, and has been for the past few years.

Why am I so pissed? Because while the "government" is paying for her son to study, she is spending hundreds of dollars a day on frivolous things and betting another hundreds of dollars on 4D. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

Smart people should know that when students receive financial help, much of this amount of money actually come from students who are paying full fees. So imagine how you'd feel if you find out that you are indirectly paying for these sort of people to wile their time away at the arcade, and spending unnecessary money on 4D bets that, 99.9% of the time, won't win a single cent? Good thing I quit poly, or I'd weep.

Luckily my funding for CAT is from NTUC. I know that money is almost most probably contributed by citizens as well, but hey, as least my parents contribute back in income tax. And for sure I'm not going to spend 80% of my life in front of some arcade machine.

I believe in karma, in retribution, and that is exactly what these people will get. And I believe that karma is actually starting to kick in. The auntie's younger son is so freaking spoiled that he can't even carry his own schoolbag. In fact, he RUNS AWAY when I tell him to carry it. Spoiled kids like that aren't going last long in today's society.

Oh well, the children will pay for the parents' sins. Oops. Going a little too deep there. Time to play Risk again~! Haha.



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