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.Saturday, August 02, 2008 ' 2:40 AM Y
The whole saga between the two female bloggers is seriously getting blown out of proportion. No matter what though, I think Dawn Yang has to apologise to the people whom she has plagiarised from and cite her old entries or take them down. Its the least she can do to make up for copying and pasting other people's efforts. And STOMP should really fire such a person. Come on lah. They're paying Dawn to plagiarise? How does that reflect on the company?

By the way, the whole plagiarism thingy isn't just some unfounded accusation or whatsoever. She herself has admitted it. Quote from TNP 1st August: "I didn't do this intentionally... It didn't cross my mind that I was doing something wrong."

First, this is obviously an admittance regarding the whole plagiarism issue. Secondly, there must be a reason why your teachers from primary school to secondary school to poly/JC to university and anywhere else take copying very seriously.

Because passing off someone else's work as your own is deemed cheating~! Polytechnic students should know very well, because your tutors always stress on originality and to cite whatever sources you get your research material on. Surely Dawn has been to school? My god, she's even been to university! So how can she NOT know that plagiarism is wrong?

So I can steal or kill and say, "I wasn't aware that I was doing anything wrong!" and get away with it?

Sorry I'm also bitching in on the whole saga but I just can't stand people who copy so blatantly and expect to get away with it. Yeah I also copied my school homework last time (and I admit that its very wrong too), but at least I didn't do so during exams. Simply because your exams are graded and homework isn't! Her blog attracts so many hits and she gets paid to advertise and so on. All the more she should put in more effort to maintain it rather than just copying blindly. *Pissed off*

Hey. The woman who "revamped" that NDP video thingy got flamed like hell. At least she changed some of the things instead of using the original video and telling us that "Yo Singapore. This video from Japan or wherever is now offically our NDP video."

Moving on, Dear and I have got a part time job at Zone X. Yeah, the arcade. He started today and I start on Monday. I'm not going to go into details about the job since its not all that interesting. All I'm gonna say is that we're stationed at AMK Hub. Want more details? Ask me. Haha.

Oh yea. QR should have reached SG by now. Welcome back. =) Hope China was fun.

Hey, just because I admitted that we had a spat doesn't mean I can't welcome people back right? I'm not trying to act friendly lah. (Yea, I'm so defensive.)

More good news. My sister's business is finally taking off and Dear and I are both part of it. Again, no detailed information. Ask if you wanna know. Haha. But I'm sourcing for people/companies who are willing to advertise for us so do email me if you or your friend is interested, or if you know of advertising companies that don't charge too much. Advertising outlets such as blogs, personal websites, etc. are very much welcome. This time we're very determined to make it succeed. ^^

I've managed to watch both Money No Enough 2 and Mummy 3. I think the latter is better. The storyline is more engaging and more solid than the former.

First let's talk about Money 2. Its not funny enough, compared to previous Jack Neo films, but I think majority of the audience will be able to identify with the contents. ERP, kiasu-ness, money-minded, materialistic and all. How we tend to neglect the most important things until they're gone. The later part of the show is very touching and yeah lah I got very very teary-eyed. Watchable but maybe not that worth a $10 unless you have extra cash to spare.

As for Mummy 3, I don't like Jet Li. I don't know why but he just turns me off. Haha. But the plot is appealing, especially to people who like Chinese history like me, except that there are some minute details that are inaccurate. The action is nice, and its surprisingly funny. I was expecting something more sombre. The fighting is so-so but the development of the story engages you majority of the time. I'm just disappointed that they didn't get Liu Yi Fei to play the part of the witch's daughter. But then again, the girl playing the part looks remarkably like LYF. And by the way, Rick's son, Alex's, Chinese sucks pretty bad. Nice attempt but needs more lessons. Haha. Overall, quite worth a weekend ticket.

If you have only money to watch 1 out of the 2, I'd advise Mummy 3.

And that's it. I've really got to go to sleep or I'll be dozing off during tuition tomorrow. Good night.

P.S I'm working on improving my English so feel free to point out any grammatical or vocabulary errors. Again, through email. Thanks in advance. =)



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