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.Sunday, August 03, 2008 ' 1:53 AM Y
Does the manager at Zone X (AMK Hub) know how to plan a fucking schedule? Dear is working until 1.30am, doing closing up and still has to be there tomorrow by 10am for another day of work. What the freaking hell???


2 weeks on and my cough has just started getting better. Still using up loads of tissue though. =(
I miss singing KTV so damn much. Hell, I can't even sing anywhere because all I can do is croak. But my voice is coming back, and my pay is coming in, so please please please, jio me to KTV okay??? Hahaha. I'm so desperate.

Kinda missed Dear while he was at work. Its been half a year since we haven't seen each other practically everyday. Oops... that sounds a little mushy. *Goosebump attack*

I'm getting jittery about my CAT. I so so SO freaking badly wanna start studying ASAP (I know, that's so dumb. Who likes studying? But I'm just suddenly so passionate about studying!) but I still gotta wait until my sister's company is ready before I can register. Many complicated details that I don't feel like explaining, but basically she has to get it all ready before we can enrol. Yeah lah, she's also taking the CAT. =.="

One reason why I'm suddenly so inspired to study is because I saw this brochure at Kaplan the other day when Dear went down to register for his course.

Apparently ACCA and Oxford Brookes University (in UK) has this tied up programme, which means all ACCA students can graduate with a BSc (Honours) in Applied Accounting by OBU once they complete the ACCA Fundamentals exams. Cool or what huh? Now I'm so charged up and ready to plunge headlong into my studies.

I remember just about a year ago when I was still at NP, all I wanted to do was to quit my studies and work. I didn't have the energy or the motivation to study even though I knew I wanted my Bachelor's degree. Now I have a specific target, its so much easier. Not to mention faster too.

Judging from what I've read from my ex-classmates' blogs, they seem to be having a whooping great time in NP, but I still don't (and never will) regret my decision to leave. In fact, now I finally know which path leads to my future. Yay-ness!

Just now while watching the Jacky Wu show (Guess Guess Guess or something), they had this segment featuring kids who are of mixed blood. Each of them were so freaking cute lah~!! Too bad Dear isn't an European/American. Lol.

Mad ramblings. So sorry. I can't believed how hyped up I am at 2am in the morning. Crazy or what. I'm off to Bridge-ing at Viwawa. Remarkable luck these few days, although I totally suck at Big 2. Haha. Oh well... that's life. The good makes up for the bad. Tata~!



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