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.Friday, September 19, 2008 ' 1:20 AM Y
I got into a super duper pissed off mood again. And all because of MT. Lol. Fucking retarded, but I just got pissed off at myself for not being able to play the Manual Transmission properly. As Dear says, I probably should learn to control my anger more effectively. Point noted.

Sorry to Jinwen for keeping you in all that suspense regarded Mr.T and that other guy, but that other guy is just too big of a loser to be good enough for you. Don't feel that you have to accept him just because he's nice to you. Oh, and would you mind if I asked Mr.T along to Kbox the next time? I asked, and he says yes, he sings. 7th Oct was fine initially but the idiot kena NS checkup. Zzz... Anyway, update me luh. I've got quite alot of things to tell you and it just isn't convenient with that other guy around. No offense, but I JUST DON'T LIKE HIM. Haha. Paiseh...

By the way, I know I procrastinated again with regards to the spooky videos I promised, so I'm posting them up NOW, at the risk of my peaceful sleep tonight. Haha. I'd advise everyone to watch it either with the lights fully on, or during the day when imaginations don't run wild that easily.

Before that though, let me address that regarding QR's most recent content, yes I know who she's referring to. But since she can't be open enough to speak her mind,let's play her game too; A little birdie told me that he/she probably doesn't care about whatever activities the "gang" has planned, but its a real pity they couldn't be considerate enough to involve all of their "friends". He/she still wants to wish QR happy 19th birthday, even though he/she initially wanted to drop an sms on the day itself instead. But that would be way too undeserving for her now. And while jealousy can be a lethal weapon, the victims almost always end up to be the weapon wielders. Harsh though these words may be, but hey! I'm only conveying a message on behalf of "someone else". I'm completely blameless okay. But if he/she dies, I most likely will die with her lah.

And that's it. Enjoy the video(s) and prepare to be scared. The embedding for parts 2 and 3 were disabled but I shall link them for you convenience.

Oh yea, remember to turn on your speakers or plug in your headphones-whichever you prefer. ^^


Part Two...

And finally, Part Three.



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