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.Thursday, September 04, 2008 ' 5:40 AM Y
Its amazing how quickly I'm able to make friends nowadays. First Jinwen, and now Jane. Gone are the painfully shy days or the period of time when I distanced myself from any stranger who dared invade my "territory".

We're not really that close, but its really easy to talk to the two of them and we had a really great time on Tuesday. 440 tickets, 1 whole bunch of redeemed items and a hell of a camwhoring time. Its the first time I've ever camwhored in full public and not even cared. And I even spent the whole bus trip from AMK to Bedok chatting with Jane even though I'd only known her for a few hours.

Photos~! Its been a while since I added pictures to my entries.


From left to right: Jane, me, and Jinwen

Our "loot" from playing

Jane and goofy doofy Jinwen

Jinwen's unsuccessful attempt at trying to be funny.

Success! In case you don't get it, note the "Wet Floor" signage behind her.

And THIS (circled in black) is what she was trying to "imitate".

Now trying to imitate the "black guy" falling down. Super unsuccessful.

Jane hitting Jinwen. That plastic thing is a result of a blown-up plastic bag that is supposed to be for wet umbrellas. Again, Jinwen's "handiwork".

In the toilet, in the toilet~ La la la la lalala~~ Lol

Me and JW.

And last but not least, camwhoring outside my house.

I so wanna go for double-eyelid surgery~! (Inner voice:" VAINPOT~!")

Continuing on, yesterday, all of a sudden I was very chatty during work and kept talking to Andy and Christine. Mostly bitching about the fucked up customers. But still... That's way better than not talking at all, isn't it? Oh! And I played Midnight Tune for the 1st time after work! Its quite fun lah. I won my very first Ghost Battle!!! Wahahaha. Now I'm kinda addicted, but I think its gonna be pretty embarrassing playing when there are people around 'cause I'm really noob. I don't even know how to play manual! I think my future driving instructor might commit suicide. Oops. Irrelevant. Haha.

Back to the original topic. I'm just really glad that I've become more open to people now. No matter what or whose influence it is, I'm eternally grateful. Now I just have to master the art of not letting irritating fucking assholes get to me.

Anyway, Jinwen, Jane and I were just talking about karaoke-ing yesterday and today, Jinwen was already going around asking when and if whoever was free, just to fix up a specific time and date. Efficient. Haha. And somehow, she reminded me of my past self.

I used to be just as enthusiastic too; planning outings, celebrations, parties, etc. I used to think it was fun to organise such "events" until the day I realised that all these things were never appreciated. Not to mention how hard it is to get everyone to cooperate. I just got sick of it; like, who cares?

I don't know whether its a good or a bad thing, but I hope Jinwen never loses this enthusiasm and cheerfulness of hers. Or if she does, then hopefully not for the reasons I did.



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