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.Tuesday, September 30, 2008 ' 1:42 AM Y
I understand Singapore is a very small city with not enough entertainment. Which is why people gladly spend tens of dollars trying to scoop satchets of candy to win the jackpot-normally a soft toy or some lame prize that would probably cost you half the price or less at Mini Toons or elsewhere.

All that, I can understand. And I'm perfectly fine with it. After all, its not my money.

What I CANNOT understand is why so many people like to crowd around and watch me-or any of the other staff for that matter-refill the goddamed sweets.

Its my job and I'm resigned to it, especially when Glory, our promoter, isn't around. But I DO NOT appreciate having so many pairs of eyes observing me, like any moment I'm going to pocket one teeny weeny candy, which I actually do lah. But that's another subject.

Thing is, I get people of all ages watching me do the refills like its some showcase performance, and its pretty annoying. Its as though having a bunch of kids surrounding me, hoping and hoping that Big Sister will suddenly turn around and offer them a sweet. Or maybe two. Or three.

And today Mr "Uncle" Sam tried to tell me off for patching up the "holes" in the machine. The old pervert. It wasn't even him playing; just three random teenage girls, and he was "helping" them. Everytime young females sit at the machine, he'll be somewhere nearby offering "help".


Even after 2 months at work, I still can't stand the regulars. Every single one of them. They're all those typical aunties and uncles who rush for all sorts of petty gains and give Singaporeans a bad name. And imagine having to be in contact with such people nearly everyday.

Luckily the positives of working there outweigh the negatives.

I know all that was a pretty lame excuse to rant about my day, but these are honestly some of the thoughts that go through my mind during work. Before, I never understood how idiotic humans could be, but now I do. As for the regulars who keep complaining about this and that, all I can say is that the staff actually can't wait for the day that they STOP coming. Bless us all, we need a break from their whining and their fucking attitudes.

One hard-earned off day tomorrow. Let's see: Lunch at Nebo, gym, mahjong, and back to work on Wednesday. Life is fun. I can see why my whole being is screaming to get back at my books. Oh, did I forget to mention queueing for a long long time at OCBC to cash out Dear's cheque. The silver lining? MONEY~!!!

Why am I not 21 yet?!!

Even $100 is alot to me at this moment. Honestly, the government should consider giving out the bonuses to teenagers as well, seeing that we're the ones who spend alot of unnecessary money on unnecessary stuff, thus allowing them to earn that extra bit of money through taxes. We also play our part for the economy okay!

Sighs... Money is never enough. How I wish I could also be like the typical teenagers who sit at home, study a little, party alot, and receive big fat allowances from my parents. Such wistful dreams. Heh heh. Dear is going to lecture me again.

Off to calculate my pay. The most wonderful time of the month, second only to that particular moment when I press the 'Account Balance' button at the ATM machine and TADAH!!! $$$! Sweet dreams tonight~!



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