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.Wednesday, October 01, 2008 ' 12:35 AM Y
I'm such an angel. 5 minutes after hotfooting it home from the bus stop in the heavy rain, I head out again armed with umbrellas just so that my sister can have a dry trip home. Life isn't fair; not at all. People get all the drama in their lives while I get the boring routines.

Apparently some auntie tried to steal off some 'Ah Beng' at the arcade today and there was the "Police-&-Thief" debacle. Except I had the day off, went home early after dinner, and missed out on all of it. How bloody perfect. How come nothing interesting ever happens on MY shift?

To top it off, there's the fucking weather today. Weird how there was not a single drop of wetness during F1 and today whoever up there-God, Jesus, Buddha, Whatever- decided to literally shower us with their love. Wonderful. How merciful, isn't it?

Like, on Sunday, the Man goes, "You've got F1? Holy shit! Alright then, I'll hold it in then." And then yesterday He thinks it over and decides that its crappy enough that we have to start the whole week all over again so we get another dry day. But Tuesday? No excuses people!

Alright, yes, I came up with that lame script, but you gotta credit me for my creativity. Haha.

Speaking of F1, it seems that Mr Ferrari Boss is in a big hoo-hah about how the Singapore Grand Prix has humiliated F1. Funny how he's the only one with such an opinion. And what a coincidence that Massa -racing under Ferrari- missed out on the trophies. So did Raikkonen. Hmmm... The grapes are sour 'coz you can't reach them, mister.

"Montezemolo, appointed this month as the first chairman of the Formula One Teams Association, said before the race that street circuits and the lack of overtaking opportunities were not the right way forward for the sport."-Yahoo! News

Since its that bad, why did they still choose to enter the race, I wonder. Its not like anyone forced them to take part. I'm no expert of F1, but it doesn't take much to get the big picture. If today Massa and Raikkonen had managed to clinch a spot in the top 3, do you think Monty would still have made such statements?

That aside, I managed to catch the news on TV Mobile. I know people like to say "Keep your damned opinions to yourself", and so that's exactly what I'm going to do -- by blogging about it.

Alot of people refer to the Chinese saying that in times of danger comes opportunity, and together, that makes up the word 'crisis', which is exactly what the USA is facing right now. Apparently banks and other financial institutes are going down as the days go pass, and just in today's New Paper, some idiotic top banker guy killed himself by jumping in front of a moving train. Leaving behind his wife and 2 year old kid.

All because he got affected by the crisis and reportedly lost money himself. So now we all know top bankers put money above their family. Sure you still wanna climb up that ladder and become that heartless?

It is in times like these that you can clearly define who are the clever people and who are the stupid ones. Geniuses with foresight would know that around now would be a good time to start scouting for great investments. Stocks are dirt cheap, the government wants to lend a hand, so you're bound to earn, somehow or other. After all, US can't possibly just let Wall Street crash, can they?

Of course I have sympathy for those who lost shitloads of money, but we all have to pick up our lives somewhere, right? Wish I had money to invest... I'm thinking now would be a good time to try my hand at property trading. Of course again, I haven't done any proper market research so all that talk ain't credible but I don't think its all that impossible.

Next up you have another NS guy dying during training. I know I'm supposed to be all sympathetic or just shut up. I'm a girl, I don't ever have to go through NS, so I know nothing, but seriously, are our guys that weak? Call me heartless or whatever shit you want, but our fathers probably went through much tougher training. Do you see them whining? *Shakes head* ~~

Some other stuff about 29k people being banned from the soon-to-be-opened casinos in Singapore, which is pretty hilarious. We're talking 29,000, not 29. How the hell do you prevent 1 out of 29 000 from trying to sneak into the place? And it seems that you can also submit applications to ban your own family members from being allowed in. Hmm... No comments. Just alot of laughter. HAHAHA. Excuse me.

Whoever said that teenagers don't watch the news is a retard.



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