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.Friday, October 24, 2008 ' 11:54 PM Y
The Times Warehouse Sale was freakingly disappointing. All the crappy unheard of titles by unheard of authors. Maybe I'm not exposed enough to the literary world, but what happened to Stephanie Laurens, Nora Roberts, Christina Dodd and all?

Bought just 3 or 4 books and 2 pens made from recycled newspapers. I'm so environment-friendly. =P Total of $34. Okay lah, not too expensive.

Headed to Tampines Mall after that. Dear wanted to look at some REAL self-help books (instead of the junk we found at the sale) at Times and that's when I found out the organisers for 2009 are out~!

Don't ask me why but I just have a huge obsession with organisers-formal and informal ones. Headed over to Lovely Land as Century Square to get my $18 organiser. I just love that series of organisers. Very easy to plan and record my schedules. Very cutesy too~! ^^ Spent over $50 in a day just like that.

Just added two more products to my wishlists- the Fujitsu L1010 and the Canon Powershot E1. I don't exactly know how well they function, but to me, design comes before specifications. Haha. I mean, as long as I can surf the Net, play games and watches movies, any lappy is fine, just as long as it doesn't lag. And a camera is even simpler. Just to take pictures right? I'll delve more into specifications the day I pick up photography courses. xD

The L1010 has this purple-coloured one that looks uber cool~ My favourite colour~!! You've seen the Vaio and Dell in all sorts of colours but have you ever seen purple colour laptops? The fucktard thing is, the inside design looks very similar to that of the Vaio. Way to similar. Same designers? Or out of fresh ideas? Hmmm...

So many new albums out this month-Jay Chou, Kelly Poon, JJ, S.H.E, HSM 3 soundtrack. So many songs to-*ahem*-"search for on the Internet". Haha.

Oh yeah. Watched Tropic Thunder yesterday. Freaking bad day. First the popcorn combo went up a dollar just after ONE day and the staff told us it was a PROMOTION. How can it be a bloody promotion when it actually costs MORE than usual?

Forget it. Its only a dollar. The real bad thing is that the movie SUCKED. I fell asleep just half an hour or so into the movie and throughout the rest of it, I totally couldn't get what was going on.

If you're intending to catch Tropic Thunder, drop the fucking idea. Unless you like cold jokes and even lamer dialogues. I don't know why the box office almost sold out during the sneaks-likely due to the impressive cast-but it wasn't even worth a $6 cheapo ticket. THAT BAD.



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