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.Thursday, October 23, 2008 ' 1:15 AM Y
Another "rojak" entry:

Its really amazing how a simple supper at McDonald's can turn into 5 hours of chit-chat. And that's exactly what Terry, Dear and I did on Monday. Freaking crazy lah, the 3 of us. First, because I ended up doing closing and we all played Maximum Tune until like, 12.30am. Went to McDonald's for supper and talked and talked until the wee hours of 6am when Dear's daddy came and gave us a lift home. Reached home and KO-ed on my bed. Haha.

Thanks to Terry for agreeing to exchange shifts with me tomorrow so that I can go for the Times' Warehouse Sale. =D

Read Jinwen's blog; I'm glad she's learning to stand up for herself now, but bosses still cannot offend one luh. LOL. Oh yea... Sorry that day when you came I didn't have time to go and find you. Quite busy luh. Next month go sing song again? Get your friends to join in also lah. The more the merrier. Hahs. I asked Terry and Jane too~

Happy to announce that ALL debts will be cleared by the following month AND we can finally start buying our needed supplements. Our DS, Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP no.2 will have to wait again. =.=

ANYWAYS... Watched Max Payne today and found the movie not too engaging. 1 star for taking another dig at US politics, 1 for a pretty good story and another half a star for a quite-handsome male lead. Hyuk hyuk. Total rating: 2.5 stars. Now I understand the not so good reviews about the movie. I totally agree.

Some parts of the movie were really redundant; like when they slow-motioned the bullets flying around. Its from the same people who brought you Matrix so I guess the fetish with such stuff is understandable.

Need to get my too-long-fingernails trimmed or something. There're interferring with my typing~! Haha.

Okay lah~ Bedtime. Morning shift tomorrow. *Yawns* Will update tomorrow with a whole list of books I bought. WAHAHAHA.

P.S Kelly Poon and JJ's new album's are out already~ Quite nice lehs~!



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