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.Tuesday, October 07, 2008 ' 2:32 AM Y
Kbox tomorrow! Perfectly wonderful day to forward to, except that I GOT THREE STRAIGHT "DUNNOS" FROM JANE WHEN I TRIED TO PSYCHO HER TO GO TOMORROW.

Excuse me but I DO NOT normally say please just to get people to join in for some outing. Well. Not since quite a long long time. But the very least you can do is to say yes or no, right? I even offer to help you pay first (not so angelic to treat you lah, but still...) and you keep telling me "Dunno, dunno, dunno." Its super frustrating okay? Just make up your damned mind lah.

And if you do come across this post, please do not misunderstand that I'm bitching about you, but friends also have times when they cannot put up with each other right?

Anyways... Current date is down to Terry, me and Jinwen. I will force Terry to sing or I'll change my surname to Ng as well. Haha.

Looking forward to having a good talk with Jinwen. But you know what girl? That whole chunk of words you told your friend about is a HUGE step forward to standing up for yourself. Now you just have to work on the part about fighting for the appointments. Why let other people earn YOUR money? As for being upset about people changing, let's just say that in your entire life, it is impossible not to come across such people. All of us wear masks when we interact with people. It is just how good we are at stopping these masks from sliding off our faces. ~~

On the bus trip home today, I did quite abit of self-reflection. Just when I was feeling super pissed off and angry at my mom for calling to KP me about going home late everyday, never staying at home during my off days and all the usual shit, suddenly some voice told me that, Hey! I'm only engrossed in being angry that I've never stopped to think in her shoes. But if her idea of showing that she's worried about me is to call and scream at me all the time, then heck, I do not need such TLC.

Regarding the trip to Shenzhen, I still do not want to go. But if my parents can convince me properly, then yes, I might consider. If they think they can literally force me to go, then think again. Because I think its time that I showed them that I'm no longer some 8 year kid for them to control like some robot. I super hate it when people try to do that to me, no matter who they are.



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