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.Friday, October 10, 2008 ' 10:26 PM Y
Its a miracle I'm actually home before 11pm. Stupid Terry MC-ed again today. Good thing it wasn't all that busy as yesterday and Joanne stayed behind to help. She's got to be the most hardworking manager ever, because I've never seen her slack before.

Working with the new guy today was pretty stresful. Its the first time I've had to help train others when I myself aren't that sure of everything yet. Its also the first time I've ever seen Joanne literally shout at our own staff. That's how bad it was. Its cruel, but I don't really sympathise with him; we all had our responsibilities and he simply wasn't performing his. Oh well...

Regarding QR's posts, I don't know what the hell you're trying to shoot at, but if my previous entry made you accidentally reflect and you didn't like what you found out, then its really too bad. Because I don't really remember making any personal attacks. There're many things that are obviously one-sided thinking but let's just drop it. No one is wishing to go back to the past, and its no big deal what you all wanna talk about me behind my back. I don't really feel lacking in the department of friendship, and I definitely don't need to be surrounded with lots of people just to feel secure. End of story.

I don't think there's a need to totally denounce every single relationship I've had with the entire group of them sine its a part and parcel of who I am and used to be. I don't deny that I do feel more mature than before but that's something worth feeling proud, isn't it? If the rest of them feel that there is no more friendship simply because one person said so then I'm fine with it. Apparently it seems individuality doesn't come by that easily. Feel free to be offended if you think you're also someone like that.

Oooh... I feel so CHILDISH by even bothering to blog about all that, but let's move on to other stuffs.

I've finally cleared at least half of my debts~!! Woohoo. Overdue laptop loan- Check. Gym membership- Check. Nice~!

For some reason, I suddenly became super interested in all the articles by Pook and Interceptor on SoSuave. Admittedly, some of the stuffs are really extreme, but what they write really makes you think, reflect and understand. In a way, its like free psychology lessons.

The "LS" auntie at the arcade could definitely take some lessons on reponsibility. I've never seen a mother who can be so engrossed with catching soft toys that she does not care where her children wander off to. Sure, there are many other regulars who will help to keep a lookout for them, but they're your own children, for goodness' sake! If you can't take care of them properly then don't even bother giving birth to them in the first place! Shocking kinds of people out there in the world.

Off to continue my reading. Tomorrow's shift is going to be utterly long and boring, and I probably won't get to play MT again. Miss working with Jinwen... Can't see myself slacking with either Hamidah or Christine. ROAR!!!



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