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.Wednesday, October 29, 2008 ' 1:25 AM Y
Its really the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world, to know that somewhere out there, someone who knows you more than you know yourself. Who can guess and understand your every little thought and feeling without even having to communicate verbally.

I never thought that it would be possible to find such a person, but Dear proved me wrong. Honestly sometimes its as though he can read my mind. Like one moment I'm lamenting that Terry's quitting and how work is going to be less fun without him and the next, Dear's telling me that its okay because I can always call him out in future. Somehow, he just knows that I'm referring to the fact that I'm afraid of losing a friend.

Like, what the hell~! Its as scary as it is sweet, to have someone echoing thoughts and feelings that I couldn't even bring myself to express~

Its just as well that his Internet is down for now, because it'd be weird if Dear read this entry. Just... way too mushy. Haha.

I don't know if its a good or bad thing, but even though I now know what human nature is really like, I still get the urge to be overly nice to people whom aren't even that close to me. In my logical world, as long as a person is nice to me, I give back as much as I can. Thing is, in most cases I still suck at sensing whether people are really being nice, or whether they're just pretending. I don't want to be too oversensitive but I also don't want to be taken for a fool. What a mess. Haha.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that maybe innocence isn't such a bad thing. After all, what you don't know can't hurt you, isn't it? But too bad. My eyes have been "opened", and its hard to ignore that fact.

Oh well~ Whoever said that growing up was an easy process?

Anyways~ Finally watched Blindness today. Contrary to the bad reviews, I found it really meaningful. Maybe the reviewers were too shallow to catch the hidden message about what basic human nature really is like. I found it a little too "in-my-face" for my liking though.

In times of helplessness and danger, human instincts are selfish and we put ourselves before anyone else; some are even inhumane enough to exploit other people for their own gains. Yes, all this is true and there have been plenty of stories to support this point. We all see selfish people on the streets everyday, and read about news of inhumane assholes who do all sorts of crazy stuff, but can you ever imagine yourself like that?

Could you ever bring yourself to allow your family and friends to sacrifice themselves, just so as to have a teeny weeny bit of food to survive on?

Alright alright... Going off-point here. But that was really what the movie was about. I still can't accept the scene where the bastards in the quarantine ward tried to take control (think Stalin and Lenin) and forced the people in other wards to exchange their women for food. I don't know... the very idea of this is just sick. Perverse. Disgusting. If I were the female lead, I'd have killed the bastards right from the start.

I know I'm being a little confusing at this point, but watch the movie, and you'll get what I mean. I'm too lazy today to explain further. Still have a book to finish up so, Ciao~! A word of caution though- if you think you're going to be too stupid or too shallow to understand, or even be able to interpret, the message of the movie, don't even bother watching it. You'll just hate it. Swear.

Oh and... Blindness is M18 by the way. =)



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