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.Wednesday, November 12, 2008 ' 1:14 AM Y
A really huge thank you to Terry, Jinwen, Chu Bin and Angie, for going to all that trouble just to surprise me today. And sorry to Jinwen for being so pissed, but the idea of being PS-ed right at the very last minute was really very disappointing.

I'm not very good at expressing myself in words when it comes to this sort of things, but I'm truly touched. And what makes everything even more lovely is the fact that we've only known each other for such a short period of time.

To be honest, when Jinwen told me that she couldn't make it today, I was a little disbelieving, suspecting that maybe she just wanted to surprise me. But a part of me refused to accept that possibility, because given that we've only known each other for such a short time, there was really no obligation for her or any of the others to do anything like that. And I didn't even tell her that it was my birthday. But they still managed to make me the happiest birthday girl ever.

Its such a pity that the day had to end so freaking fast. We sang for less than 3 hours only okay~ But surprisingly I didn't feel as though it wasn't enough. In fact, it was just right. After Kbox, we waited for Dear to join us and then literally strolled around Marina Square.

There's this new shop there with uber cool interior design and another with lots of weird and funky furniture and we spent quite abit of time looking around. In the second shop was this really huge beanbag pillow that was wonderfully comfortable. I so want to get that~!

Initially wanted to go bowling, but its so expensive there!!! $4.30 per game, and we were like, what the fuck?! Decided to catch a movie instead, and decided on the 9.05pm show for Rec. Pizza-ed for dinner, and then the rest went to play pool for a bit while Dear and I went searching for an ATM. Hahas. The pool at Marina Square is also very expensive lor~! $12 per hour. Can you believe it????

Anyways, Rec was quite nice. Its like the Spanish version of the upcoming movie Quarantine (opens 27 Nov). Or should I say that its the other way round? The latter is actually a remake of the former. Whichever version you decide to catch, its a nice storyline. I have no effing idea how the English version will turn out, but if the crew did a good job, then it should be something worth your ticket money. The ending was too abrupt though, but I guess you can't get everything that perfect.

All in all... I really really enjoyed myself alot today. Just can't stop saying thanks to Jinwen. On a side note though, I think she and Terry would make quite a cute couple. Haha. They're probably going to kill me over this statement, but its true! The entire day they were having fun bickering and smacking each other, exactly like a couple. Perhaps...... Haha.

P.S Jinwen, sorry to say this but I still think that Albert guy is a loser. This kind of boyfriend seriously no future one luh~



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