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.Thursday, November 06, 2008 ' 1:24 AM Y
A little late, but still a huge cheer for Obama as he officially becomes the next President of the United States. OLAY~!!!

And credit to McCain for a gracious defeat, despite resorting to such underhanded means of campaigning, and arming himself with a brainless VP. Russia is so NOT close to Alaska. =.="

No doubt all eyes are now on Obama to see if he keeps to his words, and delivers his promises. Something that Bush, obviously, didn't do very well.


Kbox date is all set for next Tuesday at Marina Square. And a pizza treat for all my wonderful colleagues at Zone X. And Aunty SL said she will cook Bubur Hitam for me on Friday~! >.<

Just a little over a month to go before we enter 2009. Guess time really flies.

In January, I was still stressing myself up with projects to rush, kids to tuition and conflicts to settle.

In February, I struggled with my exams, looking forward to nothing else except for the 2-month break I'd soon be enjoying.

In March, I finally had a break, but tuition assignments continued to weigh me down. Even now, I still don't know what I was working so hard for. Money, I guess.

In April, results came. I failed BCOMM, and scored badly for my other subjects. GPA went down to less than 2.0, and I dreaded the next semester of school more than anything else. But just one day before school was due to start, I dropped out. I see this period of time as the turning point in my life.

In May, I did nothing much but tuition. Life was mundane, but at least I wasn't so stressed up anymore.

In June, I decided on Kaplan to be the provider of my CAT and ACCA qualifications, and set myself to enrol for the July intake. Lost my voice and endured a sore throat for nearly two weeks.

In July, I postponed my enrolment on my own accord, so as to start off on a lighter footing. Tuition assignments dwindled until I was left only with 2 students.

In August, I dropped my remaining 2 students and started working at Zone X. There, I met Jinwen, Terry and lots of other wonderful people. For the first time in my life, I had no trouble fitting in, and work was as fun as play. I also signed up for a $150/month membership at Fitness First.

In September, I officially let go of every single tie-down to my unhappy past, embraced new friends and finally understood the meaning of true happiness. My enrolment was once again, delayed, but this time, not by my will.

In October, I cleared off all my outstanding debts and my wallet finally started to feel heavier than it ever has. Its also my third month at Zone X and I enjoy my work more than ever; so much that I even request to put in more hours.

This month, I turn 18, and I will be spending the day with Dear, finally without having to worry about our monies. I understand now, that friendship does not mean being together for years on end. Its about meeting new people and constantly forging new bonds. Its about not holding on too tightly and to know who your true friends are.

Next month, Dear and I will be attending his army friend's Christmas party at East Coast, and I will prepare for my enrolment at last.

The year is fast coming to an end. To some, my life seems to have gone down into the slums. From being normal, with a place in a government polytechnic in popular course, to dropping out of school and taking up a job that pays less than what I used to earn as a tutor.

But you know what? At the end of the day, at least I know that I am not some aimless teenager living life as society dictates. I am not some spineless creature who lives off my parents or a spoiled brat who thinks that the world revolves around me. The many many different kinds of people I come across everyday continues to amaze me.

I'm proud that I have not lost sight of my dreams and goals for my future, that I'm constantly growing and learning new stuff everyday. I'm in bliss because I have the perfect boyfriend, and I'm happy because I've learned how to love and accept myself for who I am.

I've matured and grown wiser, no longer emotional or stuck in my own depressed world. Life's journey is still long, but I look forward to all the ups and downs that will come, because they will make me stronger than I am now. Bring them on!!!



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