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.Thursday, November 27, 2008 ' 1:52 AM Y
Quarantine opens in all cinemas tomorrow. Catch it if you missed Rec, because the latter was a damn good show and Quarantine is an exact remake, with just one or two major differences, so its gonna be good too. And you can save on popcorn, because you'll be too busy covering your eyes and anticipating the next scary scene to be popping any food into your mouth.


After 18 years of life, I finally understood how respected and admired responsible people are.

2 days ago, the whole bunch of keys for the ticket game machines went missing. I don't know how the whole bunch of more than 10 keys jsut disappeared, but apparently it dropped into the rubbish bin or something, and we accidentally thew it away.

Naturally, Christine and I, who were the 2 people were super worried about it, especially C, since she was the full-timer and everything.

Yesterday was my day off and so I didn't go to AMK Hub at all. Today when I went to work, the first person I saw was Poh Meng (the technician). And the first thing he said to me was, "How? The keys are gone. Do you know you were the last to handle to keys? How?"

Later in the day when Joanne came, she told me "Next time be careful with the service keys. Do you know you were the last to handle the keys?"

OH MAN! Thanks so much for the vote of trust.

Apparently, if the CCTV is accurate, I AM the last to touch the keys. And I SHOULD be the one to bear responsibility for them getting lost. But you know how sometimes you feel very wronged, because you know it honestly wasn't your own damn fault? Yes, that's exactly how I feel.

Its not a matter of pushing responsibilty, because it really isn't anyone's fault. Although Joanne didn't really make a huge fuss or anything, I didn't like the way she and Poh Meng said it, as though I intentionally lost the keys or something.

HOWEVER, Christine was the very first to speak up and say " No lah, its my fault really. I was the one who packed the rubbish bags. I'll take responsibility for any consequences."

At that very moment, my respect for her soared high.

How many people can be willing to stand up and say such a thing. Being a full-timer, she has very much more to lose than me if the company decides to pursue the matter seriously. And she could have easily stood back and pushed everything to me since I'm supposedly the last to touch the keys. And I wouldn't have any case to fight against, since all evidence would be pointing towards me.

But NO. She took all the responsibility upon herself. And I'm guilty of not offering to share it. Good thing is, I don't think anything will happen at all. But if anyone has to leave the job, I'd do it willingly. Swear it on my life.

I really think being able to stand up and claim responsibility like Christine did is really something worth respecting. How many people can honestly claim responsibility for their own mistakes, let alone do so for something that ISN'T their fault? I know I couldn't do that, not 100%, and that explains why I admire her so much.

If that day I had been working with Hamidah, I think I would have been prepared to get sacked by now. The pathetic woman can't even face up to her own mistakes; always making all sorts of stupid mistakes and then getting all pissed off and black-faced when Joanne lectures her.

I mean, come on! You screwed up, yet you're unhappy about getting scolded? What did you expect? A pat on the back and a "Try harder next time?" Not to mention the fact that its always someone else's fault in her POV. So all the numerous complaints against her were because the customers were unreasonable? I can hardly think so.

At 43 and being a mother of two grown children, if she hasn't learnt the meaning of responsibility, then she's been a failure all her life.

Between Christine and Hamidah, who would you choose as your role model? If today Christine was very poorly educated but very responsible and Hamidah was highy-educated and just as highly irresponsible, who would you think of as the successful person?

Perhaps one day I too, will be able to stand up straight and face responsibility as it is, instead of shunning from it. I really hope I can be like that.



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