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.Tuesday, November 25, 2008 ' 2:29 AM Y
I ranted myself hoarse today. Poor Kat's probably having sore ears; Dear as well. But I'm still fucking pissed off with the whole system at work. The new implements SUCK big time and are totally dished out UNFAIRLY. How come some people only have to do slack housekeeping like topping up the game cards while other people end up cleaning ALL the dirtiest machines in the whole arcade.

And not for the first time either.

What the BLOODY FUCK, you tell me. Ever since the JEC people were posted here and staff numbers rocketed to an all time high since the time we joined the company, the part-timers have been treated like fucking dirt. Come on man... when there was a shortage of staff, it was us part-timers who willingly put in the extra hours to help clear all the shitloads of work. And now we're getting dumped aside without even any hint of credit???

NOTHING can ease that feeling of frustration unless the entire system changes. Which is close to impossible.

Most people would likely tell me to quit and look for another job, and yes, of course I've thought of it many times before. But sometimes, its hard to let go just like that. I mean... for the past 4 months I've been happy in this job. I've looked forward to working everyday, and even though the regulars continued to be annoying, I learnt to deal with them. And now suddenly everything just totally changed. In fact, the ONLY thing left to cheer up my working days is the interaction with SOME of the regulars.

To quit or not to quit? Dilemma~

Kat asked me to consider doing retail sales, but I've never actually tried retail before. A little hesitant to enter unfamiliar territory. Hahas. At the very worse, I'll just go back to teaching tuition.

Funny how seeing all those angry words appear on the screen actually made me feel ALOT better. Like I took the frustration out of me and splattered it all onto the computer. Hahas.

Zoo trip has been cancelled, thanks to me. Sorry peepos!!! And don't worry Angie. You will still have willing company even after your dustbin enters NS. LOL.

12 more days to payday~!!! Dear says I can get my DS if I want to, but I think I'll just wait and see. In the meantime, I'll just content myself with DDR and getting my hair pampered. Hehs. Nighties~!



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