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.Thursday, December 25, 2008 ' 1:00 AM Y
Finally watched IP Man today. I've been wanting to watch it ever since it came out but Dear was hesitant because we weren't really sure what the movie would be like.

And then SY sprang by Zone X yesterday to tell us that he had watched it with his friend and that it was nice. He then proceeded to snatch my dinner companion away although they did make it up later by accompanying me during MY dinner. Two grown men watching me slurp a bowl of udon. Hmmm...

Over dinner the two of them kept talking about going overseas together next year. Don't know to be envious or to be pissed off with them. Because I definitely won't be able to go!!! So sad. Spent the entire lazy morning shift today helping them to brainstorm for places to go. That's how slow business was today. Sales didn't even manage to hit 1k! But Dear told me some very interesting stuff indeed. LOL. Apparently some people have already long moved on with the past whereas others are still firmly stuck in their own pathetic world. How hilarious.

Somehow this year's Xmas doesn't feel very "christmasy". Totally NIL spirit of xmas. Dear and I walked around the entire AMK Hub and Northpoint looking for our Xmas dinner but either there were long queues or the menu weren't to our taste. Ended up busting over 20 bucks on McDonalds. Haha. Will be working tomorrow, but I'm still looking forward to the day. Hope I can earn enough tomorrow to buy another DS. I hope tons and tons of people come to AMK Hub's Zone X tomorrow! But please let the machines work properly. LOL.

Another piece of good news! If things go smoothly, I'll officially start my CAT by the 2nd of January 2009. And this time there shouldn't be any more stupid delays. All the relevant cheques and monies have been passed to me, although I still end up having to fork out about 56 pounds on my own. =.=" How come I'm not smart enough to ask for the full amount from my parents? No wonder Dear always shakes his head at me. Hehe.

Can't wait to finally start studying! All I have to do now is to decide between using my old passport photo or to take a new one. Haha. Hitting the books again after almost a year feels weird.

Somehow, in this one year, I've managed to change my entire attitude towards what education should be like, and to be even more sure of what I want for my future. In a sense, I'm still rushing and pressurising myself, even though Dear keeps telling me that I'm only 18 and that there's no rush. But to me, 18 feels old. As though time is running out. I'm hoping to get my ACCA and start on counseling courses within the next 4 years or so but the way things are going now, its as though my time is getting more and more limited. Oh, now I'm blabbing. Haha.

Still, I'm pleased with my achievements within this one year break and now I'm all fresh and ready to start studying again!

Last thing before I head off for bed: If you're interested in enriching yourself and understanding how the human mind works, try looking for this book called "Social Intelligence". I forgot the author's name, but I know you can find it at Times' under self-enrichment or something at only $28. I haven't actually read it, but Dear's managed to teach me quite a lot of stuff through that book and trust his judgement on good psychology books. Highly recommended!!!



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