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.Saturday, December 20, 2008 ' 12:43 AM Y
Last week I didn't have any shit to blog about. Now there's so many happenings to share that I don't know where to start!

Its been pure bliss for the past two days. To go to sleep each night with Dear beside me and to see him first thing in the morning when I open my eyes. Sounds mushy, but its really wonderful a feeling. Hehs.

Anyway, work yesterday was horribly SHITTY thanks to this Malay bitch who didn't understand the meaning of manners. I mean, I'm just sitting there, doing my cashiering and all of a sudden she walks up to the counter and starts ranting at me because apparently the BSL had alot of "holes" and she couldn't scoop the sweets up. I very nicely told her that actually its easier to scoop at the "holes" because she can actually pick up more sweets that way and she was like, "So many "holes" how to scoop? You come and see lah!". On and on~ Can't she just admit that she doesn't know how to play the damn thing?! And if she wants us to refill the sweets can't she ask NICELY? Still so pissed off even up till now!

Luckily today was a whole lot better. Spent the entire morning drawing up forms, chatting with Dear and Joan, and basically just slacking all the way until afternoon when the crowd started coming in. The new guy who just joined us yesterday quit because he said his legs were aching after a day's work. Like, what the bloody fuck? What kind of lame excuse is that???

Watched The Day The Earth Stood Still and Yes Man on Wednesday and today respectively. The former was SO damn disappointing. No action at all!!! What the hell?!!! Fine. Its impressive that Reeves' Mandarin wasn't that bad but what happened to the ACTION? All of a sudden the greyish cloud of THINGS just vanishes like that? SO BLEEDING LAME!!!

Yes Man was so much more enjoyable. The audience was laughing the entire time throughout the movie, and that in itself more than makes up for the not so substantial plot. Basically the whole movie is talking about Jim Carrey being some loser who says no to everything, coops himself up and home and "emo-s", then attending this "talk" or something and then trying to change, so he finds himself saying yes to EVERYTHING. Things start looking up for awhile but go downhill again later into the movie. Pretty typical ending but very funny. I didn't waste my ten bucks after all.

By the way, today was the first time in months that I've watched any movie at GV and I have to say that compared to Cathay, the couple seats at GV SUCK big time. So bloody uncomfortable that they might as well NOT make couple seats. The thirsty bloodsuckers a.k.a the management team should really do something about improving quality of comfort in their cinemas. And more promotions of course. xD

Just some "advertising" for Zone X before I head off to watch my downloaded shows. This weekend, we're having a $20-for-$20 promotion which means you get a $20 free for every $20 (not including GST) that you top up. Quite worth it, especially if you're using just a normal card. Only SMIP people don't stand to benefit much, except that you don't have to show the SMIP vouchers. Haha. Available at all Zone X outlets!



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