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.Saturday, January 10, 2009 ' 1:07 AM Y
Whee!!! Its a superbly wonderful day!!! Poor Dear has been sick for the whole week, so he decided to take MC today. Were supposed to meet Yuu at 2 at Downtown East to play Taiko, but came out of the polyclinic at like, 10+am? Haha. So much time to waste away!!!

We took the shuttle bus from the MRT Station at Tampines to Courts to look for my new laptop. Heehee! I think I'm going to take the Vaio after all. Still abit hesitant but I know if I don't decide soon Dear is going to kill me. xD Shuttled to Pasir Ris after that and played abit of arcade at White Sands. The entire mall is getting from lonely to deserted. For some weird reason, it just isn't attracting the crowds! So pathetic.

Lunch was at Fish & Co Express at Downtown East. The food wasn't that great, especially the fish and chips. I understand that this is supposed to be a fastfood version of Fish & Co, but surely there are standards??? Disappointing.

Went up to the Zone X at E!Hub and finally met up with Yuu! Hahas. The 3 of us Taiko-ed all the way from 2 to 5pm virtually non-stop. Played BSL from B just to get the bloody cactus for my mommy. $20!!! Heart so pain! But Yuu's hammy was even more expensive. LOL. $35, thanks to the lousy machine with the lousy checker.

Got stuck watching Dear and Yuu play Jubeat, even though they were already complaining of hunger. Haha. I'm so sick of Jubeat! Don't ask me why, but the thought of playing the game doesn't really appeal to me anymore. So weird~

Dinner-ed at BBQ Chicken. The restaurant super duper sucks! I will never EVER visit the place again. The servings were so damn small that I doubt anyone can actually feel full by eating just the main dish. But the whole mound of mashed potatoes will eventually feel you up. Haha. Feel so cheated of my money. The bill came up to a whopping $20 per person, for 3 palm-sized (my palm lah!) pieces of satay-tasting chicken, 2 KFC-looking drumsticks and soup and dessert. Not really worth the money. I'd rather have eaten McDonalds. =.=

Went back to Zone X again after dinner and continued Taiko-ing! Haha. My arms ache so much right now and my palms are sore from gripping the bachi. But I had so much whopping fun!!! And my oni skills improved again! Who knows, maybe one day I can also FC songs like Kagekiyo. LOL. Taiko-ed all the way from after dinner till 11.30pm. Saw CK and his gf too!

It sounds weird that spending one whole day and so much money on one single drum game and bring so much happiness, but its really true! I finally understand the meaning of being passionate about an interest; of being motivated to do your best even when your entire body may be protesting. Its tiring, but at the end of the day, its a wonderful feeling.

I also learnt today, that I should stop dwelling on things that are over. There's no use crying over spilt milk; since I was the one who spilled the bloody milk, then I'll have to be the one to mop it up. No point staring at the mess and hoping that it will evaporate, right? So no matter what happens now, I'm going to tell myself to be brave and face the consequences. ^^ And from this I shall learn to be good and not spill any more milk. Haha. Doesn't make any sense? That's my problem-o! I promised Dear that I would try to change and now I really really really will try my very hardest. I'm also scared already luh. Heehee.

And right now while I'm happily blogging away, my 2nd VS shipment is on its way to my VPOST address in Oregon. I know I swore not to ship through VPOST again, but this time its different. Because its free shipping to the address in Oregon. So I only have to pay what Vpost charges me, which is a hell lot cheaper than what VS would have charged. If my shipment arrives on time, I'm done with my CNY clothes. Just one pair of shoes to go. Heh heh. Happiness really combats all negativity.

Now if only someone would tell me what the FUCK happened to Marley and Me. I'm the talking about the movie, which was supposed to have opened in cinemas YESTERDAY, but for no reason at all, it was taken OFF all the lists of movies. No sign of it under Showing Now nor Coming Soon. I WANT TO WATCH THE DAMNED MOVIE!!! Just screen it already lah! *Huff*



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