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.Wednesday, January 28, 2009 ' 11:15 PM Y
The first three days of Chinese New Year are finally over. No more visiting, having to put on fake smiles, hold fake conversations etc. For those who are lucky enough to have caring relatives, good for you. For me, all that chatting, laughing, eating together just seems like a farce because its only during these 3 days of the year that you see such things happening. During the other 362 days or so, we all just try to pretend that we're relative-less.

As usual, my sister made herself the centre of attention and for that I'm grateful. It just means that I'm left alone to my DS and my new storybook. While I still have to fend off some standard questions like "So are you working or studying" and blah blah, I'm left in peace most of the time.

And I also found out how easy it is to read their thoughts. Because its the same "smug" expression I see everytime I tell them that I'm studying in a private school. I can practically see the words forming in their brain. "Haha so stupid. My son/daughter's cleverer than you, because he/she is studying in a government school, not like you." Or "Haha, too stupid to get into government polytechnic."

But its okay lah really. I didn't really bother explaining much since we only see each other once a year so its not like I really give a damn what they think. But for people to be shallow enough not to know what ACCA is, it really speaks alot luh. Hor, 3rd Aunt? I'm especially pissed at you because I know your son ain't no genius and I know your dirty secrets too. HAHA.

Sorry for washing dirty linen in public but you know how sometimes certain relatives just make you feel like punching them in the face and then chasing them out of your house? Yeah. Its that kind of feeling. But on the whole I'm pretty alright with the rest of them. Except the my 7th Aunt. But I don't like to talk about stingy bitches, so bah. Only Dear's gonna know. Haha.

And I'm also looking forward to 2 years later where I'll be able to officially introduce Dear to my parents and everyone else. Afterall, I'll be 21. True freedom~! And then the ageing process truly begins. =(

By the way, if you're a passionate reader like me, try reading Jodi Picoult. =)



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