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.Wednesday, January 14, 2009 ' 1:39 AM Y
A long rant for today's entry: (Copied and pasted from the forum where I originally posted, so please pardon the substandard English. I use more informal language in the forum. xD)

Firstly, today morning while on my way to work, these 2 stupid girls spoiled my mood by choosing to take the lift from the 1st to the 2nd floor of AMK Hub. =.="

Secondly, someone told me that some regular customer actually complained that Grayson and I adjusted the UFO toys for "our friends" so that they could catch the toys easily. Just to clarify: The 2 of us don't have friends who catch the damned toys. Heck. Our friends don't even come down to AMK Hub that often.

Thirdly: the same someone told me that our supervisor is considering take away our privilege (read: ONE AND ONLY privilege) as a part-timer to game for free after work at night. This, I have to RANT on.

When we work the night shift, we supposedly knock off at 11pm. So technically speaking, we have until 11.30pm to play. But stupid customers who refuse to leave, eat into our time, which often leaves us about 15 mins or so. And even then, we have to see the full-timers' mood. If whoever is the full-timer on nite shift is in good mood, then congrats! If not, too bad.
FINE. I understand they might want to go home and rest. But still, its just a short while right? Its like displaying a product and promising customers a discount, but then when they get to the counter to pay, the cashier tells you, sorry she's in a bad mood so no discount today. Lydat one arh?!??!

In short, our "privilege" is determined by the mood of the full-timers. And NOW it might be taken away completely. Sorry for swearing but WTF! Then what is the whole point of the job, may I ask? No privileges, no incentives, NOTHING. And speaking of incentives, its the same thing. They say, hit the sales target and you get a bonus. Last October we surpassed the sales target by ALOT. Until now, we got NOTHING. I AM ANGRY!!!!

P.S Yuu. when can we go job-hunting? Lols.



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