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.Thursday, February 12, 2009 ' 2:20 AM Y
I finally logged in to Facebook after so very long. And its only because Yuu asked me to support TaikoDojo's newly opened Facebook group. Have done my part and its time to go back to being MIA. Hahas.

Took the opportunity to surf around, and I can't believe how I used to be addicted to it. Sorry to all you hardcore Facebook addicts out there, but I think Facebook is really "bo liao". xD


I am pissed off and excited at the same time because my sister's credit card company somehow did not allow my order at BOTH Amazon and Barnes & Noble to go through, so now I probably have to re-order everything. But I'm still looking forward to receiving my stuff. And Dear's waiting impatiently for his game to arrive too. LOL.

A long time ago, Dear told me "Wii is so lame! For kids one lah!". Now he's the one who can wait to get one because he wants to play Super Mario. And they say girls are hard to understand. =.=

So anyway, we'll be getting one tomorrow from the shop near his house. And I get to choose the very first game! Wahahaha! Our Valentine's Day gift for each other. xDDDD Looking forward to playing Taiko on Wii. FC for Seasons of Asia!!!! *Ahem* Excuse me. ^^

Now to psycho Dear into NOT buying Street Fighter IV until we get the PS3...


Been skipping lessons four times straight in the past two weeks. Its the revision period and I'm just too lazy to sit through 3 hours of stuff that I'm learning for the 3rd time in my life, so the decision to "pon" wasn't a hard one to make. Sorry to Shernny though, 'cause she had to sit through 4 lonely lessons. xP See you in Paper 5 next term! Hahas.

Finally received my ACCA registration confirmation. Can finally go take my exam for Paper 1, but before that, I have to cough out $205 for the exam itself AND the CAT membership. Money money money. BOO.

Everywhere I go, signs of recession are starting to seep into my "sheltered" life. The company wants to save costs; so badly that it pisses me off. The prata at Ah Mei Cafe has shrunk by 50% (not exaggerating!!!) and the chicken rice stall has upped its prices, albeit by only ten cents. Worse, the uncle charged me for the hardboiled egg that did NOT come with my rice. That'd 60 bloody cents!

What? Recession=every cent counts. BOO!

Will be busy with work and play for the rest of this week. Which means, no blogging, unless I feel up to it. Hahas. Going to the airport next week to send Glory off. Till then~! (Mayhaps-xP)



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