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.Tuesday, February 03, 2009 ' 3:26 AM Y
Back to the boring routine of work and school~ Back to "emo" season for some people~

I purposely didn't want to go to 3rd Aunt's house yesterday. Instead, I spent the entire night playing mahjong with Auntie Xiu Yu and Auntie Jess and her husband. Won $3! Haha. We played super small odds: 10 cents per tai. xD

Its not as fun without Auntie Lilian like on Saturday night but still okay lahs. Haha. Auntie XY's house is super duper well-stocked man~! Snacks, drinks, food; Like they say, its a perfect hideout for wartime. Confirm won't die of hunger. Keke.

This week's schedule for work is super relaxed~ 3 off days! Most probably will be heading to Auntie XY's house again on Saturday for mahjong. LOL.

Anyways, something ridiculous happened yesterday between the regular customers. Mega bitch KYM called the police regarding some "misunderstanding" that happened last Saturday between her and Auntie Jess. Long story, but in the end, its all because of a pacifier and a group of useless bastards who allow themselves to be used by some scheming bitch to spread lies and rumors.

Its pathetic how stupid guys nowadays can be; letting themselves be used by girls who are with them just to show off or for money and expensive gifts, listening to their crap and tolerating their bullshit - girls who basically disgrace the rest of the female population who are not like that. Worse still, its not as though KYM is some beautiful woman. She's a 30+ year old auntie with 2 kids and NO FIGURE. Fucking OMG luh~!!! Too angry to say any more.

I've been learning to control my temper and emotions. Dear always says I'm too reckless, that I always flare up do things without thinking, only to regret them later. How true. That's why now I keep telling myself to tolerate and CONTROL. I can so hear Dear going "No its not about tolerating!!! Its about understanding the situation so that you don't get affected at all." Okay. I'll start with learning how to tolerate first okay? xD

Only at 18-going-on-19 am I starting to understand the fact that its more fulfilling to live life smiling happily at the smallest of things than to get upset over every single thing. There's always two sides to a situation and you can choose to smile or cry over it. Its all in the way you analyse and accept the situation. Something so fundamental that should be understood by everyone but sadly, isn't.

Enough with the serious stuff. I've got better things to do. Haha. Bought the DVD for Fated to Love You a few days ago and am watching it now. So touching~! *Teary-eyed* Off to continue watching! Dear's gonna nag at me again tomorrow, but that's tomorrow's problem. KEKE.



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