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.Thursday, March 05, 2009 ' 2:59 AM Y
I can't believe I actually found a baby cockroach near my handphone's "charging station"! Like what the hell, my mom cleans my room almost everyday okay!!! Stupid pests. I hope it dies of suffocation among that pile of books and other junk stuff on the bookshelf. Bleahs.

And yeah I just logged in to blog about a baby cockroach. Damn bo-liao, I know, but I'm feeling really bored right now, even though I've got a book to finish, 3 more to start on and one session of notes to look through. Did you guess it? I skipped my very first day of lesson for P2~! Nothing to be proud about, and I can feel a nagging guilt weighing down on my conscience. No more skipping lessons, at least for a while. LOL.

Did I also mention just how fabulous the Yishun library is? Or currently is. Haha. The selection of books is awesome~! I've never seen so many Catherine Andersons, Stephanie Laurens, Lisa Kleypas and other favourite authors of mine in one place. I mean their books lah. Normally at the other libraries, all these titles are either on loan, or are repeat titles that I've read before.

But on Monday when I went there with Dear, I picked 6 books off the very first shelf that I was browsing through and then proceeded to pay off a total of $28+ worth of fines just to borrow that. Let's not harp on the amount of the fines, shall we? xD And Dear and I were supposed to be there for dinner at the cafe, not to borrow books.

Speaking of dinner, the food at Cafe Galilee (is that how its spelled???) was yummy enough, just that the portions weren't that worth what we paid for. To top it off, the waitress there sucked big time. Gave me attitude while taking my order and kept walking off in the middle of my ordering to check on stuff. Like, WTF??? And you know the worse part? Dig this: Dear and I order teriyaki chicken as our main courses, and after we'd already finished our food, the waitress came up and said, "Excuse me, is the chicken cooked? 'Cuz I saw some reddish part; thought it looked like blood." OH MY FREAKING GOD. When have you ever seen a waitress ask her customer such a question??!?!

What to do? Just smile politely and say everything's fine luh. Should have asked for refund yeah? Hahas. But we're not fussy people lah. Still, we're never going back to that cafe again. The Beef Patty omelette rice at the Japanese-themed foodcourt tastes much much better. *Drools*~



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