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.Monday, March 16, 2009 ' 4:15 AM Y
1 more day before I officially start work and I can't believe how many things I suddenly have to do. There're videos of Drumzout practice to upload, both onto TKDJ and onto Youtube, pictures to transfer, edit, post up and send to Yuu, payments to CAT and ACCA and 6 more episodes of Flaming Butterfly to finish up. Don't know why they had to name a drama Flaming Butterfly, but the storyline is pretty okay. At least to me lah. LOL.

Super dread receiving mail nowadays, because its either my pathetic bank statement from OCBC or another envelope from ACCA hounding me for money. In POUNDS somemore. I need to stock up more on Panadol.

Went to the IT Show today with Dear, Gias, Kio and my sister. FRIGGING CROWDED. And we ended up walking in circles because Gias insisted on taking us on some shortcut, which turned out to be staff entrance, which was blocked by some stupid security guard. So in the end we had to jostle with the crowd too. Hmmm...

Anyways, the IT Show wasn't really that interesting, especially if you consider the fact the Dear and I aren't exactly swarming in dollar bills right now. Planning to get our lappy during the next IT Fair though. Keke. And we also saw this Bravia 32" LCD TV going at only $749, inclusive of some $50 Choice voucher. Dear was practically salivating lah~! LOL.

Went back down to Taiko with Yuu, Skyne and XH after that, ditching my Sis with Gias and Kio. LOL. So bad of me, but... who cares? xP

When men say that women say things and don't mean it, they forgot to look into a mirror themselves. On the train Dear was saying he didn't want to play for too long, and we ended up Taiko-ing until closing time, and then waited for XH for supper. Camwhored with Yuu's kapibaras and the cinema standees while waiting. Then Yuu came up with the bright idea of catching a movie and we ended up watching Coming Soon at 11.50 PM. Got scared a few times by the sudden appearances of the "ghost", but Dear claims he wasn't scared at all. Asshole. xD

Had McDonalds for supper and then my daddy drove us all home, except for Dear who had to cab home alone 'cuz Yishun was out of the way. Haha.

Sorry this post is turning into one huge, boring commentary about my entire day out, but I don't always do so many things in one day, so please pardon the ranting. Hehe. Hanging out with Yuu always makes my day.

Agenda for tomorrow: CAT payment at CPA House ($65), send in NTUC giro form, gym with Dear, then slack at his house until time to come home. Videos to get from XH and upload, pictures to post and beauty sleep to clock in. And then I officially start work. Someone kill those butterflies in my stomach for me, please?

Other agenda: Payment for ACCA. Been weighing on my mind since the day I got the letter. Damn sians luh! And after this payment, I'll be owing more than 200 to my Sis, because its all on her credit card, and which includes my books from Amazon, WHICH HAVE YET TO ARRIVE. Pissed off~~~

P.S @Yuu: Next time don't PM me with the title "Za Bor" lah~! Don't crack me up at 4am in the morning luh~


P.P.P.S If you're looking for a job, I've got a few lobangs. Non-guaranteed though. Just doing it as a "顺便" since I've been on the lookout for Christine. =)

P.P.P.P.S I've been logging in to Facebook more often these days. Too bored I guess.

P.P.P.P.P.S I should stop PS-ing and get some sleep. xD



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