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.Wednesday, March 11, 2009 ' 1:49 AM Y
3 weeks ago I left Zone X and almost immediately embarked on a new job hunt. And I found one already! Next week, I start full time at TKA at Bugis. Don't know where that is? Its the Virtualand arcade at Parco, Bugis.

Don't ask me why I chose to go back to the same industry; I just like the jobscope, that's all. What's more, the pay is appealing, with confirmed OT pay each week. My weekends are gonna get burnt, but hell, I'll just put up with that for now. Abit nervous though, since its my first full-time job ever. Good thing is, with this job, I might be able to start getting NTUC funding for my CAT and then I'll just have to pay 20% of my course fees. Heck. I can even afford to pay some of it on my own and stop depending on my parents.

I've also stopped teaching tuition entirely. Like, finally got rid of the Hougang student even though it was the mother who sms-ed me to say she wanted to terminate. Weird luh. 2 months ago I told her I wanted to stop and she practically begged me to stay, then now she wants to terminate. Funny woman.

And I seriously have no freaking idea why people keep saying its difficult to find jobs. If you're willing to lower expectations, it's pretty easy to get one, especially if you're experienced. I'm talking about people who are about 20+ to 30, starting to enter the workforce lah. A simple search on Jobscentral turned up quite a few interesting jobs offering pretty good salary. Is it because they're lazy and just taking their own sweet time searching or is it just an excuse to sit around and NOT work? Whatever.

Went KBOX with Jinwen and Terry yesterday. For some reason, by the end of the session the 3 of us were quite shagged. And we didn't really sing alot. Even for me. Lack of sleep maybe. Dinner at Pepper Lunch while Jinwen and I scared Terry with ghost stories of NS. LOL. He got startled by the cleaner setting down the "Section Closed" sign and we couldn't stop laughing at him.

I'm dragging Dear to the Asian Civilisations Musuem to see some Kangxi exhibition this week. Haha. I'm such a sucker for history related stuff.

Off to TKDJ. Just a recommendation: If you own a DS and are looking for some nice RPG, try Blue Dragon Plus. Its a sequel to Blue Dragon on Xbox360, but I don't think its very much related so its "try-able". LOL.

P.S. Looking forward to a new lappy in another few months. Woohoo~!



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