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.Wednesday, March 04, 2009 ' 2:54 AM Y
Ahh... First proper post in a while. Just some random updates. Let's see...

Went for Terry's BBQ today at Pasir Ris Park. Kind of like a send-off thingy, since he's enlisting next Friday. Might be going for KBOX next week, either on Monday or Tuesday.

School's progressing real slow. Initially I wanted to sign up for both Paper 2 and 5 this semester, but it seems that the next fresh intake for P5 is only available in May so I can only take P2 this sem. At this rate, it'll take me double the calculated time to complete my CAT. Drats.

My addiction to Taiko has turned into a kind of passion. Its really satisfying to see myself improving and passing songs that I've failed countless of times. Songs that I've played so many times that Yuu/Dear always complains whenever I choose those songs. And because of Taiko, I've got 5 blisters on my left hand and one more on my right. Even when they hurt, I still play on. Just like how Dear can manage to ignore his ankle or knee pains during soccer.

That day during supper, Xiaohui was commenting that one day I'll regret putting in so much effort for Taiko, only to have my hands "disfigured", but I honestly think that I won't.

Yuu keeps asking me to join them for the DrumzOut competition coming up at NTU, but I'm not confident. I mean, I'm keen, but in my whole life I've never played any form of musical instrument, not unless you count the recorder in primary school. Will decide after this Saturday's practice, I guess...

Watched Marley and Me and Suspect X last week, and they're really good movies. M&M is funny and touching, while Suspect X is interesting, though a little too predictable and not mysterious enough. Hehe. Looking forward to Watchmen, opening either tomorrow or Thursday.

One last thing: I've completed almost everything on my to-do list. Resume's updated and sent, job status pending, nails trimmed super short, met up with Kat, stuff re-ordered on Amazon and mahjong session fell through.

Dear doesn't want to go for the play so that's $68 saved, and Yuu's already watched Pink Panther 2. Now to rebond my hair next next week at Marsiling with JW and my list's complete. Hurray~!!!



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