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.Friday, March 13, 2009 ' 9:18 PM Y
I watched Watchmen with Dear yesterday. And I HATED it.

Its just some freakshow that's overhyped by media and the fact that it was deemed "unfilmable". Well, now that it has been proved to be "filmable", I can only say that it was bullshit. I haven't read the adaption- neither am I tempted to- but by watching the movie, I have absolutely no friggin' idea what the story is supposed to be about. I only know its supposed to be set in 1985, USA, with Richard Nixon still the President, but other than that, what the HELL is the director/scriptwriter/producer trying to portray? That back in the 1980s there was this bunch of retards walking around in funny costumes?

Okay, in short, I just don't get what the whole movie is about. And I wasted my ticket and popcorn money. I would much rather have watched Coming Soon. I mean, yeah, it might end up to be another lame horror movie, but at least you're bound to get scared by the effects at some point of the movie. And that's the whole point of watching horror movies, aint it?

Alright. Enough about movies. Poor Terry finally enlisted today. I didn't sms him any good luck wishes though. So bad of me right? LOL. But its just NS luh. Its not as though he embarking on some highly dangerous mission or something. xP

Blogging from Nebo Cafe at AMK Hub. Their computer screens are so bright they hurt my eyes. Another late night out today, and I'm actually feeling pretty hungry already. xD

I'm officially starting work in 4 days. So OMG nervous!!! Haha. And I've already thought of a gazillion things I wanna buy once I get my first full pay. And the subsequent ones lah. Lol. I've got a laptop to buy, a new handphone to change, CableTV to suscribe to, and a billion other things that I have not though of yet. Dear is so gonna kill me. LOL. I told him he can go earn his own PS3 because I've got other things to spend my money on. xP The idiot's Xbox360 is a money-eating device already and he wants to get another.

I hope Dear gets a FT job soon so that he can finally start studying. With both of us getting full-time pay, we should be able to afford ALOT more stuff than we used to. Hehe. So excited about $$$. xP

Will be attending Drumzout practice tomorrow, even though I'm not in the competition. Haha. I realised getting a proper job and earning my own allowance and saving up is more important than starving to join some drumming competition. Absolutely no offense towards Yuu and BLYX and the rest in the competition. Let's just say that we have different priorities right now. I'm not someone who can sit still when there's only $300 left in my bank account, even though another part of me badly wanted to be in with them. xD Still, I'm not too stingy with moral suport, even tomorrow will probably be my last free Saturday. Hehe.

Gotta stop blogging already. The delicious smells floating around the cafe aint doing any good for my rumbling stomach. Haha.



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