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.Thursday, March 26, 2009 ' 3:25 AM Y
So lazy to continue posting photos. Wait another few months luh~ Hahas. Random post to suit my random mood today:

Looking for buyer for my PSP~! Black in colour, its the 1st version, fat one but super new in condition; modified, with 8GB memory. The protector for the metal ring on the back of the casing is still there lor!!! Email me to offer or to find out more. xD Don't send me crap though. Thanks for that.

Had fun on Monday at DTE with Yuu and Sky. Dinner was another hilarious joking session, with poor Sky bearing the brunt of it all, and all because he went and converted himself into a Christian. No religious offense of any sort, but as Yuu put it, we aren't exactly "hong kao" people. Or is that how you pronounce it? No idea. LOL.

I don't know why every single time Yuu and I meet up, we end up laughing like secondary school girls, becoming public nuisances and generally causing embarrassment to everyone else around us. And seriously, its not my fault~!!! She's the one who starts laughing for no reason okay~! But its nice lah. Like she said, we're sure to forget any troubles whenever we're in each other's company. Don't think Dear approves too much though. Keke.

Today's lesson was postponed to Saturday. I almost forgot, and thought I forgot to go for lesson. 2-5pm, on a freaking Saturday! Can't go for Drumzout practice again. Albeit only as a spectator...

If you still haven't guessed, I'm not working at TKA anymore. Quit after my 3rd day. No wish to elaborate, because I'm sick of repeating myself, but in short, there was NOTHING to hold me. Absolutely NOTHING. The people there are seriously C-R-A-P, with permanent PMS and piles screwing up their assholes. Wish I had been posted to AMK, but NOOOO they said no choosing.

But some lucky bastard got AMK, and then tried to mess with me when Dear and I were there yesterday to play LAN. "Sorry, can't give you that computer 'cos its not on", with that fucking face. I told him to turn the damned thing on with the same fucking face. LOL. I enjoy pissing off rude service personnel.

Oops. Time for bed. I still haven't visited the damned musuem; keep putting it off 'cos its really out of the way. But my love for history will triumph. Mwahahahaha~ Update again on Friday!



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