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.Wednesday, April 01, 2009 ' 3:44 AM Y
Argh~!!! I'm so bored right now I wanna scream!!! Its really weird you know. When you're working, all you think of is your lost freedom. Now that I'm jobless, all that extra time feels way too much.

Speaking of jobs, I skipped out on a job interview today because I couldn't find the address. Apparently there are many many blocks in Shun Li Industrial Park, and the person who sms-ed me didn't bother to tell me which block, which floor or which company. And I didn't think to ask. Silly old me. Worst thing is, I accidentally mass-deleted all my sms-es. Back to the job hunt~

And muddle-headed me messed up my lesson schedule. Which means I've missed ANOTHER 2 lessons, all the while thinking I'm on schedule. Something is seriously wrong with me man~

Finally going for the Kangxi exhibit tomorrow. Busy agenda, so I better no oversleep again. After exhibit, Dear and I will be meeting Ice at Bugis to get new bachis. AGAIN. Like seriously, its like we're obsessed with finding the perfect pair of bachis before we die. Still wondering whether to stroll down to the arcade and throw some shit in the bitch's face. Such a tempting idea...

I realise that even today, there are still ALOT of stuff regarding human psychology that I cannot understand. I don't know whether its my brain being stubborn or whether I just can't see the "light", but things that come naturally to Dear takes me ages to figure out. Right now I'm still at the "how-to-read-whether-people-are-being-real-or-fake" part. Out of 100 questions that I have, Dear's managed to answer about half, but I keep on coming up with more questions.

Sorry for that random tidbit, but all these things just keep weighing on me. I tell Dear that I've got this timeline set for myself and I'm very strict with myself regarding the TL, and he says I'm too tensed up. Idiot. In a way, FINE, I'm tense because I don't want to risk any possibility of failure in this aspect of my life, but its not a bad thing to know what you want for your future right???

Okay, its nearing 5am in the morning already. Bedtime. On a relatively unrelated note: I L-O-V-E my hair~!!! So soft, all thanks to the new conditioner I'm using. *hearts* Okies gnites!!!



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