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.Tuesday, April 14, 2009 ' 2:46 AM Y
So I got this job as a showroom usher at some to-be-built HDB condominium at Simei and today was the "2nd interview" where actually all they did was show us around our stations and brief us on our various duties. Its a 3-week stint that starts this coming Saturday, but that's not what I wanna blog about, because I've already mentioned some of this in my previous post.

During the "tour" around the entire showroom area, we were taken to the 2 sample units, a 4 room unit and a 5 room unit.

The moment I entered the 4room unit, I started imagining myself staying in a place like that.

The moment I entered the 5 room unit, I was totally sold. S-O-L-D. Maybe it was the way they arranged the "furniture", or maybe it was the way they presented the entire outlook with the lighting and everything, but I LOVED it.

Its like a dream come true: cosy living room, with balcony big enough for BBQs and mahjong tables, bomb shelter that can be transformed into a cutesy study room and bedrooms that are exactly like the kind I want. Except, of course, no walk-in wardrobes. xD

The units are exactly like condo units, just that you don't have to pay for monthly facilities that you hardly use. In fact, there aren't any swimming pools or such, because it isn't really a condo. It just looks like one. Complex huh?

Nevermind that the living room and kitchen/dining room area can fit into MY living room, or that the rooms are like 20% smaller than my current house, or that the toilet is too small to fit in a bathtub. With Singapore being so small, what can you expect man? And its PERFECT for couples. Cosy, not too big, not too small, and trendy looking. I TOTALLY WANT TO BUY A UNIT TOO!!! =(

And guess what? It comes with a really nice sounding name too. Parc Lumiere. Sounds so dreamy~

And yea lah, I'm probably dreaming lah, but still~ Its something girls dream of all the time, right?

Hopefully when the time comes for Dear and I to start looking around for apartments, HDB still has got such projects. And it would be even more wonderful for the space area to be big enough for bathtubs and walk-in wardrobes. That would be a dream come true man... xD

Now to wait until Saturday when the price list will be mounted onto the wall, and then get a huge shock of my life.

I'm guessing about $300k and up for a 5 room unit. Any takers?

P.S On another note... the size of houses in Singapore have shrunk so much from the time our parents bought our houses that it makes me wonder how big the flats will be in about 8 years' time.

P.P.S I just calculated. If Dear and I save up $100 every month starting next year, by the end of 7 years, we'll have only close to $17k in our bank accounts. HOW TO BUY HOUSE WITH THAT KIND OF MONEY?!?!?!?!



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