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.Saturday, April 11, 2009 ' 2:08 AM Y
Starting work next week at Simei next week as some showroom usher. 3 weeks only though. xD New clothes and shoes to buy tomorrow~

Watched Knowing with Dear at Northpoint today. Pretty disappointed by the ending. Too much "Jesus Christ" involved.

To those who don't yet know, Knowing is about this little girl, Lucinda, back in 1959 who could predict the future because certain "people" were whispering them to her. Her idea of planting a time capsule at her school for fifty years catches the principal's fancy, and while her classmates are drawing pictures for their future peers, she's busy scribbling down the dates that major catastrophes will happen over the next fifty years, right down to the last day-October 19th 2009, supposedly Earth's Doomsday.

Fast forward to present day and John (Nicholas Cage) is a widower with a son in elementary school, not-so-coincidentally the exact same elementary school as Lucinda, and not-so-coincidentally gets the "letter" scribbled with numbers that was buried in the time capsule along with her classmates' drawings.

So the story progresses and John not-so-coincidentally finds out that those numbers are actually dates of major disasters that happened around the world, in chronological order. He tries to convince his friend to help him, but is taken for some loony-bin so proceeds on his own and ends up witnessing 2 tragedies that leave him feeling ? I don't know whether to interpret his expressions as helpless or frightened. xD Anyway, Doomsday is finally almost here, and this is the part where it suddenly gets all "christiany". I'm not gonna do any spoilers here, but this is definitely just another case of a good movie spoiled by a shit ending. 3.5 stars.

Of course, it isn't as bad as movies like The Day The Earth Stood Still- had to google to get the movie title correct. Shows how bad it was- but its does spoil things for non-Christians like me. Especially the very last scene. Clue: go watch the movie and compare the last scene to that of the Adam and Eve in the whatever-garden with that tree in the Bible. There's a tree in the Bible right? Don't really remember, seeing as I've never read a Bible before. Lol.

This post isn't meant to be religiously-offensive or anything; just the musings of a non-Christian. Overall, its still a nice movie to catch, and the kid's acting is pretty excellent as well. Worth a weekend ticket at $8/$10.

Shopping tomorrow-YAY~!!! Wish Xiaohui could accompany me though... Oh well. Goodnight.



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