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.Saturday, May 02, 2009 ' 1:15 AM Y
Totally fed up with Ice's "emo-ness". GROW UP AND GET A LIFE LUH~!!!

Don't pretend you don't care about scores when you keep ranting about them. Stop acting as though we are the ones who decide to ostracise you; reflect on your own words and actions. GRRRRRR.

Its so weird luh~ Like, just years back, I was almost as bad as him, but now, seeing him going about acting as though the world has failed him... it just pisses me off. And now I finally understand how freaking annoying my attitude was. Oh well. At least I'm game enough to admit it. xP


Finally visited the Kangxi exhibition yesterday. There wasn't much to see, but I'm totally fascinated by the paintings and literary works. And I find it such a pity that after so many thousand years of majestic reign by the Chinese emperors, the communist people had to step in and literally try to destroy all that history. Real sad.


I received the weirdest sms from my cousin today.

He was like, "Mothers' Day is coming. You wanna hold a joint celebration?"

Now if this were anyone else's cousin, such an sms would probably be deemed normal. But you see, the relationship between me and my relatives is one such that we don't see each other unless out of forced neccessity. Like Chinese New Year for one.

So in a still-very-stunned-state, I asked him whether he had sms-ed the wrong person.

Nope. He just got the idea and is trying to put it into action.

Cynical me is still very suspicious of his motives, even up till this point, which is like, hours after we've finished texting each other. I mean come on! This is totally way way WAY out of the blue. And super abnormal. And I don't like his mom. Definitely W-E-I-R-D.

But okay lor... since I've got no better ideas, can't say no without appearing bad (aunties sure to gossip one luh) and he agreed to do all the planning. So I just have to sit back, relax and turn up.

Although I'm not too sure about the "we the children do the cooking" part. I mean, can any of them actually cook??? xD

Last two days at PL tomorrow and Sunday. After that its off to Robinsons. But before that, I've got an interview at Scotts Road and if I get that job then screw Robinsons. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


I love you too, my dear. XoXo.



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