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.Friday, August 14, 2009 ' 12:43 AM Y
I haven't reached home this late on a weekday night in months! And it feels weird, not to mention tiring. I'm someone who needs her sleep (at least 5 hours a day) so I every night, I make sure I'm home by 10pm and in bed by 12 plus to 1am. Which is quite a record achievement for me since I'd been reaching home between 1 am to 7am for the past 2-3 years. Keke.

Anyway, reached home today to find a surprise waiting for me: the Three Kingdoms book set that I order months and months ago finally arrived!!!!!! All my sister's fault for the delay but I'm so happy right now I don't care. Mwahahahah! The only thing is, the packaging looks a little old and tattered. ZZZZZZZZ~

Don't ask me why I'm in such a happy mood now, because I don't know the reason either. FC-ed Do-Dai and Gear Up at Iluma today, and still considering whether to join the Taiko competition. It seems pretty pointless to waste $9 joining a competition that I confirm cannot win. I'm more interested in spending the $9 on tokens to spam on the bubble machine at Mushroom. xD 480 tickets and counting...~ Yuu will probably kill me when she reads this though. =P

Calculating and recalculating my expenses and savings and blah blah blahs and keep wondering whether I'll ever have enough for my trip to Taiwan. Most likely I'm going to postpone it to next year though. Lots of long weekends and CNY is uber long. Go collect the angbaos to finance abit then fly off. Keke. Okay I know that's a little far from now, but time really flies you know? I've been with my company for 3 months already and although I can't exactly say that I LOVE the company, I don't want to leave either.

Life seems very busy all of a sudden, with work, classes, gym, post-funeral rites to attend and all sorts of other whatnots. And among all these, I've got to find time for Gray too. I promised him I'd give our relationship another shot and I really will try. Sorry that this time its me who's being so "I-don't-know-how-to-say", and sorry for repeating myself over and over again, but so much has happened within these past few months that I'm having a hard time coping. Slowly snapping out of my "sian" mood, with more of my old enthusiasm coming back, but still exhausted at the end of every day. I don't know why either. I'm not trying to bitch or anything, but sometimes it really feels as though there's no time to rest. Maybe just super lousy time management on my part but STILL...... *Sighs*

Shall not destroy my happy mood with more ramblings. Enjoy the MV~

I know this is DAMN outdated, but they NEVER fail to put a HUGE smile on my face. ^^!

Off to bed with sweet dreams~!

P.S. I know the background music probably seems very annoying by now, thanks to the 30 second thingy. I will take it off when I update my template this weekend, so bear with it for another few days. No more music for a while though.



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