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.Wednesday, August 26, 2009 ' 12:59 AM Y
I know I should be sleeping already, but I've just got to get this all down, so I'll try to be fast. Here goes:

Recently I've been having long debates with myself regarding my way of thinking versus that of the common view. I truly uphold the stand whereby people should be more direct, straight-to-the-point, and honest about how they feel about certain things. However, I can't even bring myself to do that, because, face it: Not everyone's ready to hear the cold, hard truth.

I know what I'm going to say MAY cause a lot of problems between me and my friends, but I'm sick of holding back on my honest opinions just because I'm scared of the repercussions. If friendship cannot withstand such truths, then its all not real, and all that's between us would be just a farce.

Even though everyone's been praising CK, Mint and Yuu for doing such a wonderful job in organising and carrying out the Taiko competition, I still feel that a lot of things are very unfair.

Firstly, why was it that just because the 2nd group got Anpanman as one of their songs, the song list was refreshed not once, but TWICE? Just because its 2*? Whereas my group had Tong Hua as the very first song and yet we still had to go through with it. If the songlist is supposed to be randomised in order to be fair, then no matter what kind of song combinations come out, it should NOT be refreshed at all.

Secondly, the groupings of the contestants were really unfair. Look at Yuu's side of the "tree", and the other side. Yuu got to breeze through all the way to the finals without meeting ANY opponent that could have been strong enough to score against her, whereas players like Gepi, Gray, Adri, Zen, Kyou and all were literally killing out each other to get to the top. Its a thoroughly unbalanced scale. Wouldn't it have been better for us to just draw lots? Whoever is unlucky enough to draw a strong opponent, shucks for you. If you're lucky and you get a weaker opponent, hip hip hurray~! If our hands are the one that pick our own opponents, no one can cry foul play, can they?

Thirdly, the $9 registration fee was truely way overpriced. With a meager price of a $30 credit Tornado card, only to the top player. And CK, Mint, and the two photographers each got a card as well, even though they did not pay anything at all. Undeniably, you can argue that CK and Mint deserved it for their hard work. But the 2 photographers? Then what about us contestants? We each get a blurry, hurriedly printed out photo. Bull-fucking-shit.

Believe it or not, I'm voicing all these out not because I'm sore that I didn't win or anything. I didn't enter the competition with any hopes of winning. It was just a "join-and-have-fun-thingy", but I truly feel that a lot of things could have been made fairer and more enjoyable for the contestants. And I'm not unappreciative either. I understand the amount of time and effort that CK and Mint put in, but I think we all also know that the 9* cap was to prevent Lexus from easily sweeping the prize away.

No doubt the organisers deserve a lot of credit for the success of the competition, and I'm not going to deny them that, but you cannot deny the smear of bias-ness, no matter how tiny.

I still hate myself for not being to openly voice out all these in the forum, but even the most retarded dimwit can predict the uproar that will happen if I do. Call me coward, call me hypocrite, whatever.

For those who happen to stumble across this post and take offense, I can only say that those were my truest POVs. Would you rather I lied and pretended everything's fine? If so, then exit this blog and never come back again.

I'm not angry at any specific person and I hope no one comes and hate me because of this one post, but if its unavoidable, I shan't run from it either. I chose to blog all these down despite all the flak I'll be bound to receive, because its the one outlet where I can at least stand for my principles of life.



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