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.Monday, August 31, 2009 ' 11:15 PM Y
I FUCKING HATE PEAK HOUR!~ And I freakin' hate AYAM too.

The entire MRT system was so fucked up today I missed school again. xD

That's probably a really lame excuse, but honestly, if anyone was at City Hall MRT at 6+ today, you'd know what I mean. The whole platform was filled with living bodies~! The north and east bound trains took so damn long to reach whereas people just kept pouring out from the west bound trains. Getting in was such a chore, involving getting pushed and squeezed against smelly fellow human beings. Are you sure there are only 4 million people in Singapore? Because sometimes it feels like 4 billion.

Why is it that the government keeps encouraging Singaporeans to take public transport when this is the kind of facilities that we get? Cock-ups in train schedules and problems with the tracks, buses that take half an hour to come, and fare hikes that cause my monthly spending on transport to almost equal the amount I spend on food.

I think SMRT and SBS should pay their bus and train captains a lot a lot of money so that more people will want to take on the job, and then they can have more buses coming at regular intervals and then people will love the public transport system so much they rather use it than drive their own cars. And ta-dah! You solve the problem of too much traffic and over-pollution~! I'm so smart. xD

*Sidetrack: Isn't ironical how world leaders keep calling on their minions (a.k.a us common people) to do our part in saving the environment by using public transport, recycling our waste materials and blah blah blah. You think LKY walks around much? You see Obama taking the bus? And in name of business, they fly round and round the world, all the while consuming so much petrol, which also contributes to the increase on petrol costs. So at the end of the day, the world leaders are the ones contributing to 50% of the whole "global warming crisis".*

Imagine living in a place where there are no traffic jams and people are polite to each other. Even better if there are no smokers. Effing hate smokers. They're totally pwn-ing the world man~ Everywhere you go, there's bound to be someone puffing away on a cigarette within a metres from you.FUCKING SMELLY and harmful to my health luh~! Why is it that drugs are banned whereas smoking is legal huh? People who take drugs kill themselves, whereas people who smoke kill themselves AND the innocent people around them okay~! No brains or what huh!

Pardon me for the rant. Just got damn pissed by the train service today. And the moment I got out of the MRT station, I almost choked on some idiot's second-hand smoke. YUCK.

On a happier note, I passed Obsession Latino today on my first try. Haha. Not much of a big achievement, but just brings a smile to my face. Haven't tried the other new song and the coded version of Angel Dream but I don't think I can pass the latter. 1k tickets away to GMS~!!! Keke.

Off to bed~ *Yawn* I still have a mountain of work waiting for me in the office. Sians~



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