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.Saturday, August 22, 2009 ' 11:58 PM Y
Attended my first ever Natsu Matsuri today~! Its so freaking crowded, and the food queues are horrible. Not to mention quite expensive. But overall, I had fun! I was one of the few without an advance ticket and Sky and Kyon had to stand in line with me even though they already had tickets. Haha. Thanks man~! Love the "yo-yos" that the 2 of them caught for me. Next year we'll be smarter and bring our own food instead. xD

I'm so happy so have met Kyon. He's the first person I've ever met who loves durian as much as me. And yesterday, we went to the back of Bugis Village to eat durians. Haha. First time I've ever eat "roadside durians" with a friend. And I know I don't have to worry about Gray being jealous that I hang out with Kyon too much. Keke~

Taiko competition tomorrow. I have to be at Iluma at 11.30am. No time to sleep again. Why do my weekends keep getting burnt????? I reached home this morning at close to 6am, and kept getting woken up by sms-es and the bloody postman who wouldn't stop ringing the doorbell AND knocking on the door. First time I've ever met such a persistent courier guy. Then headed to Simei to meet Sky to go to to the Natsu Matsuri and we kept getting weird stares because from people because of his yukata. Which I really don't understand because there were many other people wearing yukatas as well. Even worse; when we were queuing to get my ticket, some woman was blatantly staring at him as though he was a freak. So I asked him to stare back at her boobs with a "Yucks!" expression and we all fell about laughing. =P

Anyways, I know I won't possibly win the competition tomorrow, but I was forced by Yuu to sign up, so I got to go no matter what. Just hope that I don't get thrashed too bad. Most probably will head to Mushroom to pop some bubbles after that. I'm 2k tickets away from the golden mahjong set!!! At first I thought it was white so I wanted the black one, but now I know its actually gold, I'm so gonna aim for it! So that next year's CNY when my relatives come, they can STOP complaining about how small my current set is. Although I don't think I'll be in Singapore during that time. Keke.

I've asked my colleague how much it cost him and his girlfriend to go to Taiwan just 2 weeks ago, and he told me less than $2k. Which I supposed is pretty reasonable for 6 days. But he didn't go to the "rural" areas, so it wasn't that fun for him. Plus, now with the aftermath of the typhoon, it doesn't seem ideal to visit Taiwan. But I really really want to go...... Korea can wait another year. xD I've told Dear that I hope we can go with a few friends, 'cuz its always been my dream to go travelling with friends. So anyone who's interested to go either Taiwan or Korea, let me know okays? Haha. Looking to fly around CNY period next year. Headache with finances though. *Sighs*



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