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.Tuesday, September 22, 2009 ' 11:32 PM Y
Back at work and I'm feeling so much happier. Maybe its just the restlessness getting to me. I really need to apologise to Dear for my bad temper but I really don't know what to do to mellow it down!

We still haven't gotten our netbook and I'm getting edgy because I really wanna be able to surf the Net at home. I'm currently blogging on my sister's lappy and I'm racing against time because I told her I only needed 10 minutes and I'm already on the 20th minute. xD And I was thinking of bringing Peggy's contract home to finish typing because its been lying in that paper tray for almost a week and I haven't had the chance to really start on it yet. Grrr...

I'm not turning into a workaholic lah~ Just that when your colleagues are good, work becomes more of an enjoyment than a chore. Although I still hate having to wake up at 7am (actually 7.30 since I always hit the snooze button) every single weekday. Somehow, people have bio-clocks that are programmed to get used to waking up early while my bio-clock just never gets used to it. Damn.

I've stupidly suggested a Xmas and NY gathering for TKDJ, even though I've already been through the tiring process of planning a chalet. I simply hate how people cannot give a firm yes or no and have to keep dragging and dragging until the day before the actualy event, and then you have to personally CALL them before they tell you no. Fuck you! Let's just hope this time round it won't be such a huge chore to plan a one day gathering.

Alright alright... I really need to snap out of my PMS mood. I have no freaking idea why my mood swings are kicking in again but its getting really bad. I STILL haven't called K.K to schedule a follow up appointment; so lazy. xD And seriously, its no fun having a random doctor prodding your body. I'm sorry for those who are actually worried about me but I think I know my body better than anyone else and I think there really isn't anything serious lah~

Okie~ Time for bed. The next time I update will be when I get my netbook. Hope its really soon!!!

P.S Payday in 2 days! Woohoo!!!!



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