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.Thursday, September 03, 2009 ' 11:59 PM Y
Just some random updates before I go to bed.

Time is really flying by very fast. The days and weeks go by so fast that its a little hard to believe that time has actually gone by at all. Like, you know, just when you're thinking, "Damn its Monday again!" but all of a sudden its Friday again. Okay fine. Nonsense blabbering on my part. Pardon my incoherence for today. Not exactly in the mood to articulate myself properly.

History is repeating itself again. This time, I'm even more disappointed because I expected way more than what I got. But accept it I will, because I understand that nothing goes on forever. Even life itself will eventually come to an end, what's more to say of the other small things in life.

Perhaps Dear is right. The reason I keep sinking into bouts of depressed moods could be because I've suddenly had my eyes opened to the ugliness of the world, and am still unable to accept it all. Is it because I read too much fiction and got affected by it all? Or is it because I'm still to immature to fully comprehend and handle all the complicated relationships between each individual?

Few bright sparks to look forward to: COMEX Show 2009, Kbox outing, 1st week of October (applied 1.5 days of leave) and a possibilty of a trip to Japan end of the year. I only have 4 days of leave left though. =(

Oh, and one more thing~ I've put in another order with VS~! Keke. Finally got that pair of boots I've been coveting since forever. Hope I'll receive it by next month or so. If this pair of booties fit me fine enough, I'll be going on a shoe spree at the end of the year~! WOOHOO~

Looking at it this way, at least my life doesn't feel that gloomy. I guess its because of these random sparks of brightness that life doesn't seem so bleak. *I am not suffering from depression okay!*

Last day of the week tomorrow. No current plans for the weekend yet. Let's see if I can be disciplined enough to stay home on Saturday and sort out my room. xD

P.S I'm almost done with the 3rd book of the Three Kingdoms volumes. One more to go. Yea yea!



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