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.Sunday, September 20, 2009 ' 9:06 PM Y
Updating my blog from Colosseum~

Ended up NOT going for Seiransei 19 because the rest weren't free. And Kbox tomorrow is cancelled. FML.

At least i got to play taiko and we'll still be going for durians tomorrow. Sighs...

Sometimes its really hard to look forward to the good things in life when the setbacks keep getting you down. Maybe its just me, but its really depressing that its so hard to find someone to go out and chill with. And I fucking hate it when people cancel on me at the very last minute. I'm so sick of constantly being the one to "jio" everyone out. Sick of always having to send so many sms-es to so many people and end up with only 2-3 replies that say yes.

Today finally decided to screw what others say and get a weekend job. Because "nua-at-home" day turned out to be depressingly boring. No computer to use, and no new VCDs to watch. Invented eggy peanut rice though, which turned out to be yummyly good. Haha. I have talent at cooking!!! xD

Will be looking around over the next few weeks for some part time jobs that will only require me to work weekends and public holidays. I know its bad to be working so much, but why say no to extra money? Heh heh. Besides, I can always quit when I finally get tired.

A lot of people keep asking me why I chose this current path of life, but I really don't know how to answer. I just don't want to be like every other 19 year old. Admittedly sometimes I lament about work. Sometimes I really wish I could lay back and relax like my other peers. Sometimes I wish that life could be as easy as those people who don't have to work, who depend on their parents for everything. But when it comes down to reality, I know that I don't actually mind working. I know that what I'm going through now will serve me well in the future. And I can proudly tell my relatives that I don't have to depend on my parents to support me anymore, other than my education that is.

Apologies for such a depressing post today. Its emo-momo day for me. Don't even have the mood to sing. Damn it! I need something to cheer me up!!!!!!



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