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.Thursday, September 24, 2009 ' 10:48 PM Y
AH! Much better after a cold shower. But STILL VERY STRESSED.

Still unable to form coherent sentences. I'm just going to blabber on and on until I'm happy enough to log out and go sleep.

Oh, and if you're going complain about how whiny I am today or how unbearably vulgar I'm gonna get, just close this window now. NO MOOD TO CARE~

I've got the whole house to myself today. Or at least until my Mom and Sis get back from shopping. Eggy and peanut rice for dinner again, after I finally couldn't "tahan" the sour-smelling prawn noodle. Yuck.

What am I stressed about? MONEY! That's what.

Damned loan is making me have a nervous breakdown sooner or later. Of course, by right I should have the means to support that loan. SHOULD. But don't. And I don't know why either.

Am I expecting way too much of myself?

Sometimes I can't believe that I'm just 19 either. I feel at least ten years older. I still remember always wishing to be grown up when I was still in primary school. Thought it was cool back then; to be an adult, to have money, to have freedom. Now I'd rather be a kid again and let Mommy take care of everything.

Welcome to the adult world.

And people think that at 19, you're still too young too fully understand the word "stress". Hello? You're talking to ME. And I am STRESSED.

And just like how there's always icing on the cake, my right knee is feeling weird again. Like inflamed joints or something. Add on with "rotting" heels and you've got me limping instead of walking. Hoo-fucking-ray.

Did I also mention that I still have NOT gotten the netbook? Hey M1. You don't wanna mess with me when I'm pissed.

I wanna go to the zoo! Who wants to go with me? Like, after I get October's pay? Since this month's pay is all going to go towards paying for all the miscellaneous "I-forgot-why-I-signed-for-this" bills. Okay lah. To be brutally honest, I remember how I got into debt. But I'm not telling you.

Okay! I've run out of random stuff to blog about. For now. Be back again when I go crazy again. =P



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